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Given the number of tourists and expatriates who visit and settle in Sibiu, finding accommodation should not be a difficult task. Find out how to proceed in this article.

Sibiu is, above all, a tourist city — but it has still managed to preserve its authentic character and serene atmosphere. Being one of Romania’s oldest cities, it’s the ideal place for those who wish to discover and learn more about the Romanian culture and history with strong influences from Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque time, which still reflect upon its architecture.

If you wish to settle in Sibiu, take the time to inquire about its different neighbourhoods, housing options, rental prices, and more.


Sibiu is deemed to be one of the most important Romanian cities, although it is less populated than the other conglomerations. In fact, its population, to date, amounts to some 170,000 inhabitants. Located in the heart of the country, in the South of Transylvania, the city is divided into several zones and neighbourhoods.

Sibiu is split into the Ville Basse and the Ville Haute making up the historical Old Town, which is further subdivided into several neighbourhoods: Val d’Or, Hippodrome I-IV, Vasile Aaron, Piata Cluj, Strang, and Tiglari. Here, you will find most of the city’s important landmarks, traditional architecture, and steeper rent prices compared to the outskirts. If you are looking to get further away from the downtown, neighbourhoods like Turnisor and Gusterita offer a village-like tranquillity with a conveniently urban landscape.

 Good to know:

Sibiu's population consists not only of Romanians but also small Hungarian and German communities who account for 2% and 1.6% of the whole population respectively. Expatriates having come from other countries, for their part, account for 1,4% of the population.

Types of accommodation

Even though Sibiu is an old city, there is no shortage of modern accommodation options in good condition. Even the ancient buildings that are found in the city’s central neighbourhoods are well maintained while preserving their authentic character. Here, you can find two and three-storey residential houses, as well as houses that have been converted into offices or tourist hotels — as well as contemporary apartment blocks with studios and larger places.

Rent prices

In general, rent prices in Sibiu are more affordable than in other central Romanian cities, despite the tourism aspect. For instance, you can rent a studio for under 200 euros and a big family apartment for around 400 euros per month. In non-central neighbourhoods, rent prices range between 120 euros and 250 euros per month for studios and three bedroom apartment respectively.

Find accommodation

You can easily find at least a few online platforms with rental listings in Sibiu in English.

These will not only notify you regarding the latest housing offers but will serve as a useful introduction to the city’s housing market. If you speak a bit of Romanian, you could also take a look at classified ads in local newspapers and magazines as well as browse through housing forums online.

The quickest and most hassle-free way to find proper accommodation is via a real estate agency. In this case, you can simply list your main requirements and wait for the agent to introduce you to the most suitable options within your budget. However, note that this is not the most economical way to go about apartment hunting as you will need to pay a real estate agency fee in the amount of one-month rent.

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