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Looking forward to moving to Warsaw? Find out, in this article, how to find accommodation in Poland’s dynamic capital.

Rich in history, Warsaw is Poland’s capital city. Rebuilt almost entirely within 20 years following World War II, it is not only the biggest city in the country but also its economic, financial, cultural, and artistic heart. Warsaw has been experiencing continuous development for many years, ranking among the major central European economic powerhouses. It has also been attracting expatriates in large numbers by providing various professional and investment opportunities in a variety of industries and fields.


Warsaw is divided into 18 districts and each of them is special in its own way. The centre of the city, as well as its commercial and cultural centre, is known as Srodmiescie. Here, you can find some of the city’s tallest and most modern office buildings as well as museums, art galleries and even a castle. Srodmiescie boasts great connectivity with other districts and houses the city’s central railway station as well as the main metro station where both metro lines meet.

Praga Polnoc and Praga Poludnie are close to Srodmiescie. But while Praga Poludnie is a popular residential area, Praga Polnoc does not have the best reputation among local residents and is even nicknamed “the Bermuda Triangle” — it’s not the safest place in the city for a night stroll. With that, things are changing and the area is slowly evolving into an up-and-coming neighbourhood with art galleries, hip restaurants and bars.

Wola, Ochota, Zoliborz, and Mokotov districts are all great options for settling. Wola used to be an industrial district and now is an important commercial centre with all the needed amenities: a developed transportation network, educational establishments, fitness facilities, and more.

 Good to know:

Wola has more gyms and fitness centres than any other district in Warsaw making it perfect for an active lifestyle.

Ochota is one of the city’s most populated residential areas: it is close to city centre, well-connected and offers loads of options for recreation. Zoliborz, though quite small, is one of Warsaw’s greenest districts and a great place for those looking for some peace and quiet and a picturesque view. Mokotov is home to a large number of multinationals but is also a great choice for families thanks to a large number of schools.

While living in the city centre or close by definitely has its benefits, it also comes at a price — apartments in central districts tend to be quite expensive. Due to high rent prices, a lot of expatriates prefer to settle around the city's outskirts. Warsaw's outskirts also offer more housing options including individual houses — unlike the city-centre where you will mostly find tall residential buildings with smaller apartments.

Rent prices

As we’ve mentioned above, rent prices are much higher in the city-centre than in the outskirts. Thus, count an average of $600 for a studio in Srodmiescie and nearby districts while the same type of accommodation outside the city-centre would be a few hundred dollars cheaper. It’s the same for larger apartments: you will need about $900 to rent a two-bedroom place in the city centre compared to about $500-600 on Warsaw’s outskirts.

Find accommodation

There are several ways of finding accommodation in Warsaw thanks to the wide range of offers. It is generally advised to start off with short-term accommodation to give yourself the time to “look around”: check out the city’s neighbourhoods, ask friends and colleagues for recommendations, visit housing units, and more.

Once you are ready, feel free to contact a real estate agency — this is usually the fastest and most secure way to search for an apartment for the long term as the real estate agent will make sure to guarantee your rights as a tenant. Alternatively, you can browse through classified ads on the Internet and in local newspapers as well ask around about potential housing options in your preferred neighbourhood. Find more information in the article Accommodation in Poland.

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