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Find, in this article, an overview of Luxembourg's health care system in case you would need health care during your stay.

If you are wondering about health care services available in Luxembourg, you should not have to worry. Indeed, the country hosts a total of 18 hospitals with more than 3,000 beds for in-patients. Moreover, some 1,300 doctors, including 900 specialists and 400 general practitioners are there to provide health care. In fact, Luxembourg provides quality health care that is comparable to neighboring countries' health care systems.

Health care system

Luxembourg's health system revolves around the health insurance and the long-term care insurance which is compulsory for every resident in Luxembourg, the requirement for health professionals to respect the rates established by the Caisse Nationale de Santé (CNS), the freedom to choose your doctor, hospital and pharmaceutical planning, as well as fair and equal treatment from doctors and hospitals, regardless of their status.

Health care services

Health care services, for their part, revolve around several factors: doctors, health care centers, hospitals, on call services, pharmacies, support facilities and home care networks.

General practitioners are generally available between 8 am and 6 pm or from 7 am to 3 pm, providing both primary and front line health care services. However, their intervention is limited to the prevention, diagnosis of diseases and less specialized treatment. On the other hand, health care facilities such as hospitals, specialist doctors, etc.) provide secondary care, including advice, diagnosis, treatment and specialized care). Finally, tertiary care following hospitalization is provided by health care institutions and home care networks.

Medical homes

Health care is provided by three medical centers after normal consultation hours. These are generally open from 8 pm to midnight and from midnight to 7 am. During week-ends and on public holidays, these are open as from 8 am until 7 am the next morning.


All workers in Luxembourg have to be affiliated to the one of the social security fund's branches according to the nature of their profession. Procedures have to be undertaken by the employer. Subsequently, the Centre Commun de la Sécurité Sociale (CCSS) will take care of affiliating the worker to the competent health insurance fund. A national insurance card is then issued, indicating the holder's identity and registration number.

Visits to the doctor and medical visits are refunded at 88% and 80% respectively by the health insurance. The rest is the patient's responsibility. In case of home visits, the doctor's travel costs are refunded at 100% for a limited distance which is calculated according to an established fare as per the official distance map.

Medical procedures and services are reimbursed at 100% of the conventional price, unless it has been agreed otherwise. As regards other medical services requested outside the hospital, the health insurance will refund only 80% and the remaining 20% will be the patient's responsibility, except for treatments like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hemodialysis, preventive and screening tests, some technical procedures under preventive medicine programs and some medical packages in a psychiatric child day-care center or at the national center for physical therapy and rehabilitation.

However, the health insurance fund does not provide refund in the following cases:

  • more than one consultation or visit of the doctor or specialist of the medical discipline within 24 hours (except in the case of emergency medical service)
  • more than one consultation or visit of the doctor or specialist of the medical discipline within a week
  • more than 12 consultations or medical visits to a general practitioner or specialist of the medical discipline within a semester (except for consultations or long stay geriatric visits or hospitalization)
  • more than one increased consultation by a general or specialist practitioner of the medical discipline during a semester
  • rate increased to care first class or single-bed room
  • additional fees for personal reasons
  • charging an appointment that has not been respected.

Border workers

People working in Luxembourg while residing in another European Union country to which they go back at least once a week are considered as border workers. Most of them come from Belgium, France and Germany. However, they have to fill in some formalities to be eligible for health benefits and refund.

Employees are generally affiliated to the CCSS by their employer who is also responsible for registering the frontier worker with the competent health insurance fund as a principal member. Thus, spouses, partners, or dependent children are not insured automatically with the principal insured. Hence, they must be registered by the border worker, bearing in mind that the quality of family member depends on the legislation applied by their home country's health fund. They must therefore be able to certify that their family members are eligible for the benefits set out in the document.

Once their affiliation with the CCSS is confirmed, border workers automatically receive a certificate of entitlement to benefits regarding the disease and maternity insurance in the case of persons residing in another country. This document must be produced to the health insurance fund of the country where they are residing. This affiliation provides the same health benefits as those to which Luxembourg residents are entitled.

As regards the refund of the participation of health insurance in Luxembourg, fees memoirs and paid invoices must submitted to the competent insurance in Luxembourg. In case the border worker has received health benefits in his country of residence, the refund must be requested there itself.

In the case of health care received abroad, excluding Luxembourg and their country of residence, the fees memoirs and paid invoices must be produced to the competent insurance in Luxembourg. Refund will then be made at the rates that have been approved by Luxembourg laws.

Special features for Belgian border workers

According to an agreement between Belgium and Luxembourg, Belgian border workers eligible to the refund of an additional amount so as to compensate for the difference of health care fees between the two countries.

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