Working in Rome
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Rome is unsurprisingly a prized destination for expatriates among which many eventually decide to settle down for good. Although Rome is not the economic capital of Italy and therefore may experience low job demand, you may still find interesting opportunities so long as you explore the right job sectors.


To find a job in Rome, it is essential to master Italian. You should be able to speak the language fluently as well as write it. Speaking other languages can also add value to your profile. If English is your mother tongue, it will no doubt help put you under the best possible light.

Promising Sectors in Rome

Rome is the third most visited city in Europe and ranks 12th across the entire world. It would, therefore, make total sense to consider tourism as an industry you may want to work in. Looking for a job in catering, restaurants, hospitality and tourist attractions like museums can be a good starting point. In general, many agencies in Rome look for travel guides although they will require that you know the city and its rich history like the back of your hand. You will also need to be a licensed travel guide. Based in Rome, huge multinationals like and Expedia often look for qualified candidates to join their team.

The luxury sector is often in demand given its large number of prestigious brands and stores around the Piazza di Spagna. Speaking English is a must if you ever wish to apply for a job in this specific region. Many employers also look for Russian and Arab speaking staff. Even though less in demand, French and Spanish are still quite appreciated.

Teaching English as a foreign language is a valued profession in Rome. The same applies to French and other languages. If you are a language degree holder or have a teaching license, you may often come across job offers in both private and public schools specialised in languages. You should also keep your options open as many Roman families look for personal trainers to tutor their children with foreign languages. Adults also search for similar services especially when they must sit a foreign language exam or need a linguistic certificate.

It is not common knowledge, but Rome occupies a key place in the Italian economy. It is home to some of the biggest financial and commercial centres of the whole country which is why there is a constant job demand – especially in the sectors below:

  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Real Estate
  • Consultancy

Several multinational companies and prestigious organisations have their headquarters in Rome. Some of them are the United Nations and the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), the International Funds for Agricultural Development (IFAD) as well as Enel, the leading electric energy producer across the country. Other world-class companies such as Deloitte, Accenture, BNL and Unilever are also headquartered in Rome and often recruit.

In recent years, numerous digital marketing agencies have been known to recruit people who speak foreign languages. You may also find some luck with call centres based on either the outskirts of the city or in Rome itself. Never know, so why not send your job application?

Where can you find jobs?

Jobs are available all over the city mostly. For anything related to luxury and tourism, the historical centre is the place to start your job search. For all other sectors, you can get in touch with companies in EUR, in the southern part of the city all the way up to Fiumicino, in Formello which is north of the Capital or even at Tecnopolo in the East. Please note that many companies are based in neighbourhoods like Ostiense, Prati and Parioli.

It is also important to know that public transport in some areas is not as fluid and convenient as in others. In places like Formello, Tecnopolo and some areas of EUR, it is not recommended to look for accommodation near your workplace given the circumstances.

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