Connecting to the internet, using phones, and postal services in Hungary

Phones, internet, and mail in Hungary
Published 2018-09-26 07:11

Staying connected to your loved ones back home is very important to an expat. Thankfully, connectivity in Hungary will definitely be no issue: Hungary has an extensive cellular telephone network and has actually ranked 9th fastest on a global survey on the fastest internet connections available worldwide.

Most people choose to combine their TV, phone and internet into a package from a single provider. Before choosing a provider, however, make sure to check offers and pricing as the market can be quite competitive.

Telecoms & internet

When it comes to telecoms, Hungary has three major providers: Vodafone, Telenor and T-Mobile. In general, to acquire a phone line in Hungary you need to have sorted out your other paperwork first: most providers will ask you for proof of that. The proof may take the form of your residence permit (or registration certificate, if you're an EU/EFTA citizen) and your social security or tax card (consult our section on Taxation in Hungary), as well as a bank card. Some companies will even require that you provide proof you've been living in Hungary for at least three months (through a utility bill). Visiting the websites of the major telecom players will give you a better sense of the service on offer as well as the costs.

Good to know: T-Mobile is the most flexible of the three companies, documentation wise. They have been known to serve expats with just your residence permit or registration certificate, provided that these documents state a Hungarian address.

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Internet services come in packages, as is the case in most countries. In Hungary, you can find simple internet packages for as less as 3,300 HUF (10 euros) a month. The most common practice is to combine your internet, television and phone in one package from the same company, as this will end up costing you less. For phone, you should expect something around 6,600 HUF (20 euros) per month.

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Postal services

Despite the rise of digital services, many people in Hungary still use the postal services for everything from paying bills and sending/receiving mail and packages to sending/receiving money through Western Union. The Hungarian Government also relies heavily on paper mail for all notifications and for a significant part of communicating with its constituents (for example, you are supposed to reply by post in order to appeal to something).

Magyar Posta, the Hungarian Post, also handles magazine subscriptions, stamps collections, official documents (a service you don't have to pay any VAT for) and everything else you may need. There are administration points throughout the country, but you can also place your orders through their webshop and have them delivered directly to your door. Find out more here.

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