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Düsseldorf, which is found in the North Rhine-Westphalia region, is one of the country's major cities in geographic, demographic and expatriation terms. Nowadays, its population accounts for more than 600,000 inhabitants, and it continues to grow year after year due to the arrival of thousands of expatriates from across the globe. Hence, there has been the development of the city's real estate and rental market. As a result, finding accommodation in Düsseldorf should not be a difficult task.

Düsseldorf's neighbourhoods

Stretching over some 217 km2Düsseldorf is bordered by both banks of the Rhine river. Some of its neighbourhoods, namely Oberkassel, Heerdt, Lörick and Niederkassel, are found on its left bank. Note that Düsseldorf is divided into ten districts or "Stadtbezirke" including some fifty neighbourhoods, which are known as "Stadtteile".

The most popular neighbourhoods are found around the city centre, namely Bilk, Unterbilk, Altstadt, Derendorf, Pempelfort, Golzheim, Oberkassel, Carlstadt, Stadtmitte, and Friedrichstadt. You are likely to find restaurants, bars, shops and shopping malls, pubs and nightclubs there, as well as easy access to the public transport network. These places are urban and trendy and attract young couples and students. They are great for walking, shopping, or going to nice restaurants. Friedrichstadt is central and popular among young families – it is a friendly, lively and relaxed neighbourhood close to Südpark with an excellent quality of life.

Pempelfort is a district is located in the west of Düsseldorf directly. It is an area that is attractive and has higher accommodation prices, but for a reason. This part of the city offers plenty of galleries, shops and art centres that are attractive for the art lovers and young newcomers.

Carlstadt is probably the most central and sophisticated residential area to live in. Along the Mannmannufer riverbank, you’ll find magnificent buildings with a fantastic view over the Rhine towards Oberkassel. Düsseldorf's MedienHafen in Unterbilk is equally sought-after. The former trading port is now a fashionable business and entertainment venue with many architectural highlights. More exclusive central areas are Zooviertel, Grafenberg, Pempelfort and Weiße Siedlung.

Oberkassel and Golzheim are famous as the Düsseldorf’s posh neighbourhoods. You will mostly find luxury apartments, houses and villas there, not to mention huge and modern shopping malls and luxury shops. Rents in these neighbourhoods are highest, and so is the quality of life, offering high-class places, restaurants and amazing lawns along the Rhine.

 Good to know:

The public transport system is well established and when on a budget you may consider commuting from surrounding towns like Duisburg or Ratingen.

Types of accommodation in Düsseldorf

Most Düsseldorf neighbourhoods offer a range of accommodation options: apartments, studios, villas, etc. If you prefer cheaper accommodation, you can opt for home-stay and, for students, there are many options from various student housing options or shared flats. You will also find hotels, apart-hotels and vacation homes for short stays.

Both furnished and unfurnished apartments are available in Düsseldorf. However, in the case of an unfurnished apartment, you are likely to find a completely empty kitchen without furniture or appliances. Be prepared to set aside some money for furnishings and appliances if you decide that that option is suitable for you.

Rent prices in Düsseldorf

Rental prices in Dusseldorf are more convenient than the other large cities. The average price is around €11 per square meter. Like in all German cities, rent in Düsseldorf varies according to the type of housing, neighbourhood and comfort level. In short, you will need an average of €560 per month to rent a single-bedroom apartment and an average of €1,500 per month for a three-bedroom apartment in the city centre.

In the outskirts, rent prices for a single-bedroom apartment are around €450 monthly. For a three-bedroom apartment, you will need an average of €970 per month.

Searching for accommodation in Düsseldorf

To find accommodation in Düsseldorf, you can start by surfing the web. If you want to find an apartment and pay the same price as local, you should start searching on some of the German websites. This seemingly complex trick is quite simple once you understand the rental vocabulary in German. This will help you in your research on some of the best websites for apartments, such as ImmobilienScout24, Immowelt, Salz&Brot, Kalaydo. You can contact the student organisations, such as Studentenwerk Dusseldorf. Another good option is to check for facebook groups for advertisements and apartments like Düsseldorf Flea Market, Expats in Düsseldorf, and English Speaking Expat Düsseldorf.

Additionally, you will find many interesting offers on general and specialised real estate websites (you can also register with a real estate agent if you are already in the city). It is advisable to check out classified ads in local newspapers such as the Rheinische Post on Wednesdays and Saturdays and RP Online or rely on word-of-mouth if you have friends or colleagues in the region.

Before taking an apartment, you will have to consider some crucial elements, such as:

  • Is the apartment (fully) furbished?
  • Are additional costs included in the price (Warmmiete), and if not, how much are they?
  • Are there cleaning services, for the apartment and the building included?
  • The renting and the notice period
  • Smokers, pets, children, choose your vice

Finding an apartment in Dusseldorf is slightly annoying, just as in every city in Germany. This is obviously due to the high demand. However, it can be done with careful research and planning. Living in Dusseldorf has many advantages, and right after finding your place, you can immediately start enjoying the great fun that the city offers.

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