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Active networking is a key component for your business and career growth. It is about forming genuine professional relationships that help give a boost to advancing your career. New Delhi, being the capital of India, is a hub of many such great networking opportunities. Here are a few places to get you started.

Professional meetups

Meetup is a free website where you can find different professional networking groups based on a particular activity. One can join these groups free of cost and attend their hosted events. It is one of the best ways to connect with active professionals working in your job sector.


A great place to make professional connections online is LinkedIn, which is a business and employment-oriented social network. It allows users to create their professional profiles and make “connections” with each other. Each member can invite anyone to become a connection. LinkedIn thus opens up a whole new world of career growth opportunities.

Universities in New Delhi

All good universities in New Delhi provide ample opportunities for networking. They have different cultural and professional clubs that regularly organise events for the students. Here, many companies and professionals are invited to share their knowledge as well. Usually, anyone can visit these events, even if you’re not a part of the university. Additionally, joining a university offers great opportunities to grow your social circle as well. The group of friends you make here will stay with you throughout your professional life, and they often will be a big help in getting referrals for different job opportunities.

Fairs and festivals in New Delhi

New Delhi hosts many popular events and fairs throughout the year. These make a perfect avenue to network with new businesses and clients in different job sectors. They also provide a platform to showcase your own skillset, thus helping to find new career opportunities. Additionally, they are a great place to educate yourself about newly emerging products and companies in the market. For example, India International Trade Fair happens annually in New Delhi and draws a large crowd of manufacturers, exporters, traders and customers from different fields at one single place. Just imagine the networking opportunities here! Check out this site for a list of some more events taking place in New Delhi.

Coworking spaces in New Delhi

These spaces are designed for studying or working in a calm, professional environment. They also make some of the best places to meet highly skilled professionals. The moments of socialising available while working with others are a great opportunity for networking. Such conversations can often be very fruitful and lead to new clients or business relationships. Here are some great coworking spaces in New Delhi:

91 Springboard

The key to networking is to stay curious and interested in new people and the work they do. Consistency over the long term will lead to numerous good professional contacts. This will open up whole new doors of future growth opportunities for you.

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