networking etiquette
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Networking is an essential part of growing your career and organisation. It is about developing helpful, professional relationships that give a boost to advancing your career. Hence, it is extremely crucial that you approach it with care. Here, we present a few critical details to keep in mind while approaching a prospective client or partner in New Delhi

Overcome your shyness

The first important rule is not to miss opportunities. A lot of people never approach new clients because they are shy. Don’t be a wallflower and hang out in one corner. Networking requires you to approach everyone in the room. So move forward with confidence and don’t be afraid if the situation requires you to lead the conversation.

No blatant advertising

Even though it is important to introduce your work and your business, don’t just straight away jump into selling your product or service. It is a big turn off. Etiquette requires that you be more interested in getting to know new people and the work they do. This will lead to much more fruitful relationships.

Maintain eye contact

Eye contact with the person you are talking to shows your interest. It comes out as quite rude if you keep looking elsewhere. It makes the other person feel rejected. But also don’t keep staring endlessly; it is all about striking a good balance.

Keep your cell phone away

Focusing on the person you are talking to is an extremely crucial part of networking. Constantly being distracted somewhere leaves a bad impression. So keep your cell phone on silent mode or switch it off. Don’t text or call when you are in the middle of a conversation. If the call is extremely urgent, politely pardon from the conversation and inform the other before taking the call.

Know your message

It is extremely important to know your goals before going for networking. Why are you at this event and what kind of people are you looking to meet? You must be clear on the message you wish to put forward to others. Expect questions related to your work and interests beforehand. Be concise and impactful with your pitch- make it easy to understand and hard to resist. Also, don’t forget to keep your contact or business card at hand. Nothing can be worse than missing on an opportunity because you ran out of business cards.

Follow up

It takes time and effort to build a good network. Following-up with the clients you meet is an important part of networking. Once you have managed to get their contact details, it is wise to follow up after a few weeks through email. Make a call only if you have really made a connection and the person has agreed to it. Leaving a polite handwritten note works great as well.

Good networking is an art, and you can learn it well with enough practice. If you fail, try again. Just keep attending more networking events and keep reaching out to new prospects. In no time, your career or business will grow by leaps and bounds.

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