Which countries are lifting Covid vaccination requirements?

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Published on 2022-06-27 at 14:00 by Asaël Häzaq
As the summer season approaches, countries around the world are dropping their Covid restrictions. Despite warnings from the World Health Organization (WHO), many countries no longer require proof of Covid vaccination for international travelers and expats.

Which countries no longer require the vaccination pass?

Vaccination against Covid-19 has been at the heart of tensions over the past year. In some countries, there have even been protests against vaccination, but things seem to have calmed down. Austria, for example, no longer required vaccination for international travelers. Meanwhile, French authorities are still wondering whether they should extend the vaccination obligation for caregivers. This law has been in force since September 2021. Most European countries no longer require a vaccination certificate for foreigners to enter their territory. Even Sweden lifted all its restrictions for EU nationals in February and broadened this measure to other nations in April. Sweden, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Denmark were the first countries in Europe to give up on the Covid vaccination pass.

Other European countries followed suit. For example, Bulgaria abolished the vaccination pass requirement on May 1, followed by Switzerland the next day. From June 30, Finland is also ending all its Covid restrictions.

Outside Europe, many countries have also decided to put an end to their current Covid restrictions. Israel no longer requires the health pass since February, and since June 25, Israelis and foreigners no longer need to present a negative PCR test to enter the country. Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Gabon and Benin are also open to vaccinated and unvaccinated, without the obligation to present a negative PCR test. As Saudi Arabia joined the list of countries that have already lifted the Covid vaccination requirement, on June 16, Egypt also announced that its restrictions for Egyptians and foreigners would soon be removed.

These countries no longer required PCR tests for vaccinated people

In other countries, the differentiation between vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers prevails. Indeed, they chose to abolish the PCR test only for vaccinated travelers. These countries include Greenland, the United States, Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Namibia, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Mauritania, Senegal, Oman, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia. Meanwhile, Canada has abolished the PCR test for vaccinated people but kept the vaccination certificate mandatory for travelers aged over 12 years old.

Thailand has already scrapped the PCR test for vaccinated travelers and is ending the "Thailand Pass" requirement on July 1. This pass, using a QR code to grant access, was compulsory to enter Thailand, regardless of your vaccination status.

However, a few countries chose to remain closed to unvaccinated travelers, such as Canada, the United States and Australia. China and Taiwan remain completely closed for the time being to all travelers, regardless of their vaccination status, and it's not likely that Covid-related restrictions will end anytime soon. Scientific experts call on countries to remain cautious, especially where contamination rates rose after the lifting of restrictions. International experts expressed their fear of a new wave this summer as the world expects a return to normalcy. They recommend continuing the vaccination campaign and extending the fourth dose to people aged over 18 years old, although it's still unsure whether nationals will pay heed to them.