Which cities offer the best cultural experience for expats?

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Published on 2020-10-27 at 10:48 by Veedushi
Finding better quality of life and the possibility of discovering new cultures are very often the things that motivate people to move abroad. So where will you get the best cultural experience as an expat? Have a look at the world's most culturally rich cities.


Placa del Pi - Barcelone
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You've probably heard of the Sagrada Familia, one Spain's most beautiful cathedrals, inspired by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi. Thanks to its impressive architecture, the Sagrada Familia attracts thousands of visitors to Barcelona every year. But that's not all! The Basilica of Sainte-Marie-de-la-Mer built back in the 14th century, the Suspension Bridge, the Gothic neighbourhood and the Plaça del Pi are equally famous. There's also a wide range of museums, whether are a history buff or you prefer modern art. The Picasso Museum, the Fundacio Joan Miro, the Barbier-Mueller pre-Columbian art museum and the National Museum of Catalan Art are must-visits. The Museo de la Xocolata is the ideal place if you love chocolate. Barcelona is home to 121 monuments and statues and 165 architectural wonders. It's also the place to be if you like to party. Besides major annual events and festivals, you will also enjoy several religious festivals such as the Festa Major de Gràcia, la Mercè, celebration dedicated to the patron saint of Barcelona, etc.

Tel Aviv

Habima Square - Tel Aviv
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Israel isn't a popular expat destination. However, Tel Aviv, its capital, boasts a great cultural heritage. Across the city, there are many UNESCO world heritage sites with splendid architecture. Also, there are at least five art galleries for every square kilometre. Habima Square, home to the National Theater and Philharmonic Orchestra, Rabin Square where there's a monument dedicated to former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, and the Grand Synagogue in Allenby Street, are some of the must-sees. With a relatively young population and vibrant nightlife, thanks to restaurants, clubs and bars, Tel Aviv gives significant importance to local and international music and art in all forms. The choice of opera, theatres, concert halls, spaces dedicated to art, outdoor graffiti, etc., is huge.


Joyce Tower - Dublin
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You won't be disappointed by moving to the Irish capital city. Birthplace of the world-famous Guinness, Dublin is a fantastic city. There's much more to it than the Temple Bar, Trinity College, Joyce Tower and James Joyce Museum. You will find plenty of monuments, art galleries and theatres alongside its picturesque streets. Dublin is also home to 24 theatres, including the Gate, the Olympia, the Project Arts Center and Abbey and Peacock where you will enjoy excellent plays and some 30 comedy clubs. For literature lovers, the National Library of Ireland hosts an extensive collection of literary works and exhibits the country's most famous poet, William Butler Yeats. At the Dublin Writers Museum, you will get to see books from the last three centuries. Dubbed the City of Living Culture, Dublin is also musically, from traditional music to rock, as evidenced by its many music festivals. According to Luke, who lives in Dublin, Samhain, Culture Night / Week, Saint Patrick's Day, TradFest and the Dublin Fringe Festival and Pride are must-sees. “These are the ones that spring to mind most prominently for me as the most popular and inclusive events in Dublin City each year", he says.


National Gallery - Londres
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Modern and avant-garde, vast and eccentric, but deeply attached to history, London is a city that needs no introduction. Thanks to a rich music and arts scene, and many festivals all year round, culture is a lifestyle in London. The Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the British Museum, Tower of London, and St Paul's Cathedral are some of the must-sees in the city, but there is much more to see and to do. Emma, ​​an expat in London, talks to us about her favourites. "There are museums and art galleries and great shopping, music venues and great places to eat. Some of the places I like to visit are Portobello Road, Camden Lock for its food and shopping, Denmark Street for its guitar shops. However, I am most familiar with Kingston upon Thames, Richmond, Kew and Richmond as a place to live." London is indeed home to 204 theatres and 220 art galleries, such as the Tate Galleries and the National Gallery, where you can admire the works of the most famous British artists.


Opera Garnier - Paris
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The world's capital of fashion, Paris is the ideal destination for explorers, history and culture buffs and foodies. Its magnificent architecture, museums and monuments and its many cultural sites made it popular on Instagram. The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the Orsay Museum, the Palace of Versailles and its splendid gardens, the Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Basilica of the Sacred Heart are just some of the must-sees. Did you know that Paris is home to at least 175 art galleries besides its modern and contemporary art museums? If you love opera, you won't ne disappointed. You can enjoy a variety of shows at Opéra Garnier, Opéra de la Bastille and National Opera, among many others. For Jeffrey, a British expat in Paris, “I totally agree that Paris is one of the world's most culturally-rich cities. There is a lot to do and see, and it really is a beautiful city. I live in a street called rue Pergolèse in the 16th Arrondissement near Ave Foch and about a 5 - 10-minute walk to the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Élysées. The location is fantastic.”