Social distancing measures and tips from around the world!

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Published on 2020-06-04 at 11:13 by Anne-Lise Mty
It is a whole new world as countries start to slowly emerge out of the restrictive lockdown periods. With new social distancing rules to prevent further spread of the virus, countries and businesses around the world are coming up with super inventive ways to keep living despite the new circumstances.

Phone, wallet… oh wait, mask! Yes, the mask has become an important- even mandatory in some countries- during these times where life is slowly starting to emerge on the other side of lockdowns and restrictive measures. While masks are becoming an everyday accessory around the world, there are some pretty innovative measures being taken by governments, businesses and people to make the most of life after lockdown despite the new social distancing measures.


The elderly are especially fragile and an at-risk group when it comes to the COVID-19. In Portugal, an old people's home has started using a crane to lift patient's families and loved ones up to their windows. Patient's friends and families are able to speak and spend times with their loved ones while being at a safe distance. 

Canada and United Kingdom

The videos have been trending on social media for a few days now. In order to be able to hug their loved ones, a Canadian lady and a British lad all the way across the world have had the same idea: a hug glove! The Canadian lady wanted to be able to hug her mother for Mother's day without running the risk to contaminate her and the British gentleman missed hugging his grand-mother. They had had meetings at social distance during the lockdown but they wanted to be able to hug. So he created a hug glove using bathroom curtains! The images are heart-warming!


Taking public transport has become tricky since the new social distancing rules. Indeed, taking packed buses or trains are not an option anymore. In India, sharing tuk tuks with other people was not an option anymore so a cab-driver decided to invent a social distancing motorbike where he sits his passengers at 1 metre distance from one another!


One of the most affected sectors is definitely hospitality. Restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars have all taken a very hard hit because of the pandemic. And this post-lockdown period is not going to be much better because of social distancing rules and potential reluctance from people to socialise too much. To allow the most people to socialise possible, owners have come up with inventive solutions. In Madrid, Spain, a restaurant owner has separate spaces in glass to isolate tables from one another. In this restaurant and others all around the world, checking customers' and employees' temperature, wearing masks and maintaining social distance has now become the norm.


Another pub has had a pretty inventive and very fun method of enforcing social distancing. In this pub in Germany, customers are required to wear pool noodle hats. This way people are not able to come to a metre of distance of one another while in the pub. It is also very funny-looking!