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Published 11 months ago

The continent of Africa is as diverse as it is large, and with 54 countries full of interesting cultural traditions, cuisine, and constant innovation, there are many opportunities for expatriation. If you’re interested in learning more about the continent and specific advice regarding certain African countries, check out our list of expat bloggers below.

Mama Mgeni

Expat in Kenya

Mama Mgeni gets her nickname from the Swahili word for “foreigner”, although she no longer feels as such in Kenya, and indeed feels quite at home. Having lived all over the world working with Doctors Without Borders where she met her husband in Uzbekistan, Tara is now a US expat living in Nairobi with her family. Although she loves to travel, she is happy to have set down some roots for the time being. Check out her blog to find out more about being a full-time mother to two beautiful girls, travelling with children, camping, and embracing life in Kenya.

Bewildered in Morocco

Expat in Morocco

A Polish expat living in Morocco, Monika has a background in teaching English and event planning, and discovered her passion for travel at a very young age. She blogs about the beautiful country and all that it has to offer beyond the touristy places, using it as a platform to help expats-to-be moving to Morocco, as well as reaching audiences such as Moroccan youths, Moroccans living abroad, tourists, journalists, artists, and other fellow nomads. Read her blog if you want to know more regarding rent, job hunting, entrepreneurship, and life in Morocco.

View from an Egyptian Balcony

expat in Egypt

View from an Egyptian Balcony is a personal blog documenting the life of an Englishwoman and her husband, both avid nomads who have lived in various other places such as Costa Rica and Vietnam prior to finding themselves in Egypt. She writes about life in Egypt from her own personal experiences with the culture, people, and her everyday life as an expat. Make sure to check out her photo gallery filled with photos of architecture, flowers, food, and cultural encounters.

Maple and Marula

Expat in South Africa
© Maple and Marula

Phil is a Canadian expat living in Pretoria, and uses his blog Maple and Marula as a way to document his life in South Africa for his friends and family back home. His sense of humour is reflected in his stories, giving the reader some insight into his life as an expat while providing a humorous perspective. If you are interested in reading about life in South Africa, navigating the expat life, crazy neighbours, being a parent to two adorable kids, and funny and engaging stories, head over to Phil’s blog.

La Vie de Rie

Expat in Mauritius

A chic travel blog, La Vie de Rie details the life of Rie, a British expat now living on the beautiful island of Mauritius with her husband and son. This blog is for you if you’re curious about life in Mauritius as an expat, want to find out about restaurants, hotel reviews, bringing up a child in Mauritius, and even interior decoration. Rie writes about her personal preferences and experiences, provides facts about the island, and compiles lists of her favourite products on her blog, accompanied by beautiful photos for reference.