Hi good day! I have Hepatitis B-Reactive and applying as an operations manager in a construction company in UAE-Dubai. I've read some articles about this case and it says that the test for hepatitis B has been relaxed and only applicable if the job you're applying falls in six categories.
If I applied for working visa, do I need to undergo this kind of test and if found positive I will be deported? Please share information about this case.

The ministry if health said they test everything and they will give the results to the immigration and the immigration will decide whether you will stay or you will be deported.

as per my knowledge your visa will have some problems due to B

I am not sure why people persist in giving wrong information based on anecdotal incidents. 

Please refer to official GOVERNMENT communication.  See the link below: … dence-visa

You don't have to worry if you are not within these six categories as listed on the site.  Also click on the last link i.e. residence visa medical tests to see what tests are done.

I called the minister of health landline and its not just base on anecdotal incidents lol

Yassie :

I called the minister of health landline and its not just base on anecdotal incidents lol

Good. They should then update it on all of their websites which obviously are giving wrong information :) .

Also if you have confirmation then why come here and ask questions - on the other thread about Hep B and Hep C. … 77#4128165

What we are discussing is something slightly different than what you are saying. Which is that you won't be tested for Hep B if you are not in those six categories. See list of tests on MOH site by category.

If you are tested by request of sponsor (not government) for the other categories and if its a new visa then the outcome can be debated. But its really up to the sponsor.

One Time, I called the Dubai Health Authority regarding my case and then they said it will not be tested. But from other sources, many of them got deported because of hepatitis B. Can you give me updated sources regarding the new rules? Thank you

The link above is the official government website.  To my knowledge, there is no change to the rules.

If DHA says you won't be tested then why are you worried?  what other sources are you referring to?   

The basic problem in these threads about medicals is that of human psychology:

1) Constant questions which vary between the extremes of assuming the worst or hoping for an unreasonable best outcome - this appears as refusal to believe whatever other people say as advice :)
2) Reliance on anecdotal information such as he said / she said or
3) Half baked actions such as Oh I made one call, spoke to a random operator and I now know everything better than what the Government is publishing on their website - per my previous reply to the lady above

All of this is great for giving yourself a nervous breakdown.  As well as annoying people who are trying to help.

I will be blunt.  You have Hep B and you want to work in the UAE - in the GCC currently, this is the only country which will allow you to work with Hep B, all the rest will deport you.  I assume you don't have better work options in your home country.  So what do you have to lose? the worst that can happen is that you don't get the job and best is that everything works out.  If you are really worried, follow a middle ground; don't resign from current job until you have the visa stamped in your passport after medical.

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