Thanks for replying . Is it for dubai only 6 category or Do you know about other countries for my situation??

UAE is 6 categories only.  In the rest of the GCC, you cannot get a work visa.

Is Hepatitis B test only compulsory for Saudi or any other gulf countries? Let me know

Every GCC country except UAE as mentioned above.

What does it mean GCC country

Use Google if you have to ask that question.

Can driving viza in private sector .coming in this six categary.in hbs positive detected

That's mean it's compulsory for Oman, Qatar & Kuwait. Rgt

Is it compulsory for Iraq n Egypt?

Iraq and Egypt are not part of the GCC.   They may have their own requirement.

I ask only uae can hbs positive people can  get work viza if they are not in six category. I mean in private sector driving viza any body reply me

Your question has already been answered.  Read the thread.  If not in 6 categories then yes.  Ask your sponsor to guide you.

Can private driver come in six category..???any idea

Hello Dear,can you give me your what’s up,i want spake with you about work viza,please 🙏

Hello Dear,can you give me your what’s up,i want spake with you about work viza,please 🙏

You can ask your questions here.

Are all these tests still applicable?

Yep, the visa medical tests are done as per the guidelines.   If that was your question?

Hi. You will get a residency if you dont fall on the 6 categories. If you are from the Philippines. May i know how you passed your medical in the POEA?

You will not be deported. Im hepb positive and worked as an admin in a construction company. I passed the medical and got a residency. God is good all the time.


Wat jobs do fall in category 6?

Workers in nurseries
Domestic workers including housemaids, nannies and drivers
Food handlers and workers in restaurants and cafes
Workers in saloons and beauty centres
Workers in health clubs

Wat about ofis boy?

Try to read what I have posted.

Office boy is fine unless you are working in a school or nursery in which case it will be an issue.  Only you can figure out what your situation is and refer back to what the government says - as posted above.

XTang :


I know we're partly discussing this topic onto a different thread, but this link was very useful to me, it says:

"The emirate of Abu Dhabi screen foreign nationals to detect pulmonary tuberculosis by a chest x-ray; however, the emirate of Dubai does not."

So no xrays for new visas?

As far as I know, there IS an X-ray for new visas in all Emirates.

For example, when I got my first UAE visa back in 2010, I went through X-Ray in Dubai and then again for renewal in 2013.

There IS an X-ray for new visas in all Emirates. Then every time we renew it, should follow the same

Hello everyone

I just wanted to know if anybody who was denied a visa as a teacher in senior school due to hepatitis b?

I will let someone else answer.  I have already told you on another thread of the cases I know about.

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