Hepatitis B Result Positive but its INACTIVE

I have got visa from the company dealing with spare parts of Vehicles.The visa issued me is for the post of Store Keeper. Sir i am a Hepatitis B but the virus is inactive. Please tell me that UAE health authority will deport me or not? I have contacted many people all informed me that your work is to deal with spare parts of vehicles only. So UAE health authority allows you to work at UAE. Sir please confirm me as soon as possible because it cost me alot if i get this visa.

I’m dealing the same situation, what is the result ? Did you get a employment visa?


U guys can work here , it’s not a problem, go for ur visa process, unless u cannot work in food & beverage companies,

Regards, khan

Two points,

1) Active / Inactive doesn't matter.  Your test shows Hepatitis B.  As far as the government is concerned, you have Hepatitis B
2) Hep B is only a deport-able offence for 6 professions; mostly to do with food, barbers, nannies, teachers etc .  Just make sure that you apply for the visa under the right profession

I have a friend who get a job in construction company , the results said he have hepatitis c and he got deported last year

I think we are discussing Hep B. What is your point?

My question is in regards hepatitis b and c, I thought if the job didn’t fall in the 6 Category then you’ll not get deported or even test it.

Let's be clear. We were discussing Hep B and you got the answer to that. Hep C is no longer a deportable illness and is not even tested for.

We all have a friend who had this or that happen to them but we don't know the real reason.

Here is the link for the official UAE government site where you can clearly see the categories for Hep B that need to have a negative result. If you click through the links below you can see list of tests as well and Hep C is not in them.

https://government.ae/en/information-an … dence-visa

My advice is not to rely on anecdotal information and refer to official information only.

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