Marrying an indonesian in Bali is now not legal is this true?

Hi i am from london and have been planning to marry my indonesian girlfriend who is from Jakarta this year and we wanted too marry like a lot of people in Bali.

But we have been told a new law has come into effect from Nov 2017 that Indonesian people can only get married legally now in Bali if they are actually Balinese or reside in Bali .
Can anyone tell me if this is true as a couple of wedding agencies told me yes and others say they know nothing about it and are happy to arrangr a legal Christian wedding!



I have no experience of this but plenty of experience with paper pushers here. They're very much like paper pushers in any country but the rules they follow tend to be flexible, often what they decide is right rather than what is actually correct.

I hope someone can answer your question but I can offer some tips.
Bring your birth certificate and make sure it's legalised.
Make sure you have a certificate of no impediment from your local registry office, again legalised.

Legalise here
https://www.get-document-legalised.serv … ct-service

I'm assuming the lady is a Christian. If so, no worries.
If that lady is of any other religion there could be issues as you MUST be of the same religion to marry legally here.
Whatever is on her KTP is the religion she is officially and legally as far as the marriage is concerned.

Hi Fred and thanks for the reply.
Yes my fiancee is Christian/protestant like me so no issues there.
And yes i have all my paperwork ready but its really the issue is that according to two wedding planners based in Bali that the marriage wont be legal now because my fiancce is not from or lives in bali even though she is indonesian!
One company only found out today from there legal team that this is the case and apologised for not knowing this when i first enquired about us marrying there..
Hopefully someone can help and recommend a way round this as we want too get married in Indonesia as its a easier option than trying to get a fiancee visa for her too marry me in the UK!!

Thanks again


Hope it's not true about having to be Balinese to get married in Bali. Gosh strange new rules coming out recently.

Hi Roy,
it means getting married "Numpang Nikah". Your initial requirement should specify the building or church where you are married in Bali?

For example at Hotel Kuta Bali. Then you will later get permission to marry at the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA) in the village of Kuta after complete all requirements.

The prospective bride must also apply to the Jakarta Religious Affairs Office (KUA)
with requirements :

1. Request a cover letter from local RT and RW, with: Copy of your ID and spouse and also Copy of family card.

2. An existing introductory letter, then taken to the sub-district to get a list of documents that need to be prepared then you can fill out a number of required forms, such as N1, N2, and N4, and an unmarried certificate to the respective residence districts . Provided with Foto graph 6x6, 3x4 , 2x3 = 3pcs each photocopy documents, 3pcs copy of ID card ROY & spouse, 3pcs copy of KK ROY & spouse, and introductory letter of RT / RW from your country.

3. After that, you simply go to the KUA to request a letter of recommendation to get married in the destination. Simply prepare requirements such as a copy of ID card ROY & spouse, Copy of KK, Letter of introduction from kelurahan (N1, N2 and N4), Pas photo 2 × 3, 3 × 4 each 2 sheets.

4. After getting the letter of introduction of marriage passenger recommendation, the next necessary is to visit the KUA which will be a wedding venue will take place with the terms: letters of recommendation to move marriage from KUA origin, copy of your ID card and spouse, photocopy your KK and spouse, color photo 2 × 3; 3 × 4 each 2 sheets, a copy of your last diploma and spouse, a copy of your birth certificate and spouse

5. For your documents:
    Recent birth certificate (original).
    Photocopy of identity card (KTP) from the country of origin.
    Photocopy of passport.
    Proof of residence / letter of domicile.
    Marriage form from the embassy in question. Certificate of No Impediment
    Letters of recommendation from your company
   And prepare a copy of the diploma is sometimes required

That is the conditions and how to ride marriage that you can start preparing

have a good fight,


Consider a marriage in her home area designated by her  KTP- less problem- more a solution around the permissions required in Bali. Simplistic I know however it does solve many issues. Perhaps a honeymoon in Bali 😬😬😬

HI and many thanks for the information.

But like i say i do not think its a matter of paperwork as i have that all in order

it is the fact that the marriage will not be legal for my fianacee as she is not Balinese or lives there
Another Bali wedding agency just confirmed this too me and said a lot of wedding agencies do not know the new law which only came in to effect in November!

So even if we get married with all the correct paperwork and get both Certificates Ie religuis and Civil!

The government will see the date and note that it is noe allowed after Oct 2017 for Indonesian's to marry in bali - simple but very weird law..

So yes maybe best for me is too get married in Jakarta instead and have honeymoon in bali

Thanks again


Yes Roy, I just know if there is a strange new rules like that ....

Generally almost all Indonesians married in a way "Numpang Nikah".
with the same procedure even though the people of Jakarta because the ceremony took place in a place different from the domicile of KTP. Suppose domicile in South Jakarta and married in Central Jakarta Church. Permission remains in two places as well.

Please do your best and easy.

Agreed. I’ve found simplicity and straight forward thinking the best way to row with the flow of laws and regulations within Indo. Congratulations to you and your future wife 👍🏻

Actually I'm not sure about that.. October 2017, because has no number code provision.
But not allowed if you are different religion.
If you are curious try contact directly to Bali Civil Registry government Office.

Department of Population and Civil Registration
Kabupaten Badung, Bali
(0361) 8947977
Kota Denpasar, Bali
(0361) 428597
(0366) 24234
Open 8AM ⋅ Closes 2PM

Congratulations to you Roy and your future wife 👍🏻

Thank you and might be worth a call , even though three wedding planners say they cant do legal marriage now because of this ...
We might look at Singapore as easier and only have too stay 15days too apply and stay and only need passport birth certificate and CNI...simple

Regards Roy

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