Gluten-free bread etc

Hi everyone!

Anyone know where can buy GF bread in Davao?


The Philippines has not yet caught on the gluten-free certification labeling.  You might be able to find gluten-free pasta at the imported section of high-end supermarkets like Rustan's or even S&R.  I doubt you will be able to find gluten-free bread since bread has a short shelf life.

My father-in-law has gone gluten-free for the past 3 or so years even though he doesn't have celiac disease. He swears that it has improved his general well-being. He has been to the Philippines before and wants to visit again. But he can't because he only drinks certified gluten-free water.

Hi Fil,

Thanks for your help.

I have found GF bread in Bracay and Manila, but not here yet.

But i will check Rustan's

Thanks again.


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