Davao: some questions please

Hi friends, I'm new: I will reach Davao and I'd like to ask some questions please.
1) I'd like to rent on Internet a furnished small apartment with kitchen, what is the best web site to rent apartments in Davao?
2) Can you tell me some good place where I can look for an apartmet? I like very near to the action because i like to meet many regular girls in the day and in the night but not pro girls.
3) I am 58 years old man and goodlooking. Despite my age I like to have fun.
4) Is Davao a safe town?
Thanks for your precious news.

Hello. Regarding 4) I have been a few times in Davao city and once in Dipolog. I never met with any problem there. People are law-abiding and respectful. I would say it's safe in the cities. I have never adventured out of town.

regular girls????
what do you mean whit that?
if you think on changing girl frends like you change t shirt you will be building a reputation on that and will be avoided exept by those you dont want to meet .
it seems you have some wrong ideas about filipina mentality .


Sorry, I know very well filipina mentality, I don't know Davao mentality, don't worry. Maybe you don't understand my bad english. I like to meet many normal girls and to choose one girl only. ahahaha At my age I cannot change so many girls. jejeje

in that case i woold not look for that lady in the night life but at day in the malls hehehe ,more likely to find the right one there ,only just my opinion ,i can be wrong .

greets Dirk

ps  we lived in Davao but it was way to buzy for me so we moved to Mati City
and my english is far from perfect to ,never got it educated lurned it on the way so to say hehe

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