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I live on the outskirtsof Davao City on a Subdivision in the Mintal Area it is one of the Deca Resort Subdivision, On the Whole it is a nice area with the Mountains overlooking the Subdivision so plenty of Fresh Air Amenities iinclude a Club House two Swimming pools ,one for Adults and one for small children, also there are Basket Ball Courts and a Volley ball court, The Houses are the prestressed concrete type with Bungalows and Loft type houses, You can rent a Loft House for around 8to 12000Php or if your married or have a Filipino Partner you can buy obviously it is in Her name, the loft type are around 1.7 million peso with different ways of buying .The local people here are very friendly our neighbours are good we have a kind of neighbour watch scheme here where neighbours keep an eye on eath others house if they go out . also on this subdivision there is a good minibus service to take people into Davao city at a modest cost mind you they do get very full at times and you can get a little squashed but as they say its more fun in the philippines,There are also a good variety of small shops from DIY to  pharmacys . A new Dentist and hair dressers and fresh fish and fruit and veg can be bought also there are many Sari Sari shops on site,There is also a Wake Board Park here currently undergoing renevation there is a retaurant which is still open also this is where the expats living on this subdivision and areas close have a meeting every Tuesday, There are also many Tricycles and Taxis available , As far as Security is concerned there is a Gatehouse and unarmed security Guards there is also a Police station located close to the Guard House. This a generally quiet subdivion apart from the usual dogs barking and Roosters , depending of course where you live

i have a bungalow house for sale at Deca homes....if you are interested? I will be at the meeting tomorrow at the wake board park at 11AM...just ask for steve

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