My name is Victor David Shem Aloo and am a Kenyan by birth more to that i am a born again Christian. i love Croatia very much i have even started learning Croatian language while still in mu country, am looking forward to reside in Croatia.

Am a Architectural draughtsman by profession, Architectural Technician/ Assistant , i have over ten years(10) experience in this profession, i have worked with different firms and done lots of projects, in  my country. (i have lots of knowledge in Archicad aided design

i will be grateful if i get a job because am planing to relocate so if i get a job in  will be happy i (search for Job)

Hi Victor David,

Welcome to the forum.

Please read the following thread so that you may gather some tips and information about what is required to find a job in Croatia : What are the dos and don'ts of finding a job in Croatia?

Then, make sure to drop an advert in the Jobs in Croatia section along with your detailed cv, it might get you an opportunity.


Thanks a lot Bhavna am going to read it

Thanks A lot i wanted to know how i can register with any firm where i can search for job.

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