Job searching🙈

Hey guys!
how is it going?
My name is Liza, I'm russian. Currently looking for a job in Istanbul. Can speak Russian and English. Have a Tefl certificate, teaching experience,some experience in sales.
So yeah, If you know someone who is hiring let me know
Have a wonderful evening.

Goog luck  :top:

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good luck then  :cheers:

Hello 👋, i hope you're good 😊, There's a lot of people seeking for Russian native speakers to work.

what field do you have experience?

Hello everyone=) How are you?
my name is Valentina, i am currently living and  working in Istanbul, but my contract will be finish in a month, so i would like to find something different.
I have bachelor degree in translation studies ( English-Russian), TEFL certificate, experience working in private school( primary to high school), experience in technical translation.
Would be great if you can suggest some web sites for job searching or may be you know someone who is currently hiring=) i will really appreciate your help, guys!=)
Thanks in advance!

Hello Elizaveta,
I think you should look for specialized websites to look for more jobs. There are plenty of them to upload your cv and look for available positions.

hello good luck for you, can we contact.  we have business with Russia in Turkey.

Check out at which job are posted in the English language.

good luck on that. There is also a local listing site called eleman net. May be you should try that too.

Goog luck

you can be translator

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