Immunizations in Da Nang

I'm shopping around to decide whether to get my SEA travel shots in Canada before leaving or to get them in Da Nang. Does anyone have experience getting immunizations after arrival, or any suggestions for doing this in Da Nang?

Thanks in advance!

The following is a list of vaccinations that the Canadian government recommends if you are staying in Canada (not even travelling.)  You should check your records for these: … tions.html

In addition the following should be considered for Vietnam if not previously taken per the stay home schedule above: 

Hep A  (prevalent in Vietnam)
Hep B  (more difficult to contract but still prevalent)
Influenza (regular seasonal shot)
Japanese encephalitis (mosquito borne)
Measles or MMR (booster)
Varicella (chicken pox booster depending on age)
Rabies (only if your occupation may involve frequent exposure to animals)

Also consider Shingles if you are the relevant age. 

This apparently is not the case for the OP but anyone who is coming from a Yellow Fever country will require proof of vaccination for entry to Vietnam.

Some of these require boosters. In particular Hep A and B require one and two boosters respectively over six months.  If your travel plans are not urgent, you should be vaccinated in Canada simply because it will be free.  The cost in Vietnam may be reasonable but not free.

Thank you for the informative response!

It's been more than ten years since I've had any immunizations so it seems like I will need more than just the suggested travel shots. Definitely going to try to get those done in Canada.

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