Moving to Da Nang- anywhere that sells probiotics for a healthy gut?

Hi to all. I am moving to Da Nang  before Christmas this year and hope to find a job and new life with my Vietnamese born wife. One concern that is bothering me though is my somewhat week stomach. So I am wondering if this is also a issue for other expats who have made this international leap of faith. Are there any places in Da Nang that sell probiotics or something to help me keep a healthy gut? I would really appreciate any ideas or suggestions. Thanks in advance

Just dive in and let your stomach adjust.  There are plenty of western restaurants as well.

I am in the same boat. Just be selective about what you choose to eat. Have a look around and enjoy. There are many styles and places to choose from. It will depend on how game you are. Plus your wife should be able to help you discuss things with the locals.

I'm not sure what kind of probiotics you're looking for, but plenty of places sell yoghurt and smoothies, and there are some fairly modern supermarkets in Danang.  Kimchi is pretty readily available here too, should do the trick.   Good luck!

Thanks for your encouraging, sensitive, and sensible, response. I will surely try to be careful about what I eat as well as where. Rick

I will be sure to try all your suggestions. Especially the Kimchi Rick

Thanks for your encouragement  Rick

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