Can anyone recommend a hospital around Danang for health consultation?

Hi, I visited one hospital for health consultation this afternoon and they charge me 2 000 000 VND. Why? (because I am foreigner).  I think it is really expensive. Does anyone here knows how much the standard cost to see a doctor for health check up is as foreigner in Vietnam (Danang).  Can anyone recommend any hospital that doesn't go this amount by far? I don't really have illness. I just need to get medical certificate as job requirement.


The establishment where you get the health check is pre-determined by the government office that issues your TRC and WP. You might not be able to change locations. You're probably not allowed to go to a local clinic.

Be prepared to go in the morning and take a VN person with you. Your employer should provide you with one. This will likely take your entire day.

There are two color papers that are required for work: blue and yellow. You only need the yellow, which is cheaper than the blue.

Furthermore, carefully review your contract. You could get your employer to reimburse you for it,

Bét ò luck.

Hoan My Hospital or Family Hospital are good choice for foreigner

Based on the last sentence in your post, I am assuming that the physical is for a work permit.  This is cut and paste from a document at VUS in HCMC (sorry the columns didn't line up):

-    You must have medical check in Vietnam, please contact the following hospitals:

No    HOSPITAL    ADDRESS / TEL    FEE  (estimated)
1.        Cho Ray Hospital    201B Nguyen Chí Thanh, W.12, Dist.5
Tel:  855 4137    665.000 VND
2.        Thong Nhat Hospital    1 Ly Thuong Kiet, W.7, Tan Bình Dist.
Tel: 864 2140       800.000 VND
3.        Columbia Hospital    Alexandre De Rhodes, Dist.1
Tel: 823 8888       90 USD
4.        Gia Dinh International Hospital    1 No Trang Long, Binh Thanh Dist.
Tel: 803 0678      90 USD
5.        France – Vietnam Hospital    6 Nguyen Luong Bang, Tan Phu Ward, Dist.7
Tel: 411 3333     2.500.000 VND
6.        Oscat Clinic    65 Nguyen Du, Dist.1
Tel: 829 8424          85 USD

It seems your price is high but inside, barely, the HCMC range.  I went to Thong Nhat myself.  They had signs specially made in English directing you to each station.  Rather accommodating.

I didn't work for VUS but I found this to be an excellent flow chart for getting a WP.  I realize you are in Da Nang but it still might be worthwhile for you to pull it down.  The link to the chart is near the bottom of this page: … ailstaff/6

hi, do you know how much is the approximate costs for the yellow form?

Mine was 1.2 million VND.

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