November 2018

I'm Ken, planning  for next winter holiday . It's fairly cool here in Chilliwack, B.C. -3 today,, and we still have 2 months to go before it starts warming up. Wife and I want to spend next winter in Nha Trang, probably rent a studio accommodation close to beach etc., for at least 3 months.
Being going to Chiang Mai Thailand past few years, see how Vietnam compares, cost of living in Vietnam looks good.
Love this site, hope to learn a lot about Nha Trang, to help with our planning.


Nha Trang can get strong north winds and rain during winter. The surrounding area sometimes floods on November. Minimum temperatures can get as low as 18C.

Thanks for your comments. I remember Phuket, it would pour for a few hours, then the sun would come out. I found it refreshing.
Looks like we will be able to find decent accommodation for 3 months, I'm budgeting $400-$450/month. We'll stay in hotel for week or so, that will give us time to find a place.

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