I am looking for a native english person to help me upgrade in english

Hi Folks,

I am a software engineer professional and have  fair knowledge of english. However, i am looking for some native person to help me over in written English and spoken as well.

What i can share any IT technicall skills/ programming skills, language that i can share Hindi and Punjabi.

Appeciate some quicker response.


What’s your first language?

Ajay , until you find someone , try speaking to Siri :)

Check out https://www.italki.com/home
Registration is free.
There is an option for language exchange and if you are lucky, you might find an English language teacher interested in one of the languages you know
I hope this helps.
If you do choose this option, let us know how it goes

Lindochka1 :

What’s your first language?

My first languages are Hindi and Punjabi,my family and i speak punjabi at home and with rest of people in my city and ; we converse in Hindi ,and i do speak few other India language(s), As i had the chance of living across India, almost, you know how vast India is :)

ali.hamza2099 :

Ajay , until you find someone , try speaking to Siri :)

I am sorry, i couldn't get you ?

If you are referring to an app, i am probably looking for a human conversation

Thank you so much for the link, let me try and i would share my feedback with all of you.

The reason i am looking to improve it, as i am appearing for IELTS exam and writing is my weakest area. In reading and listening i am able to score 8+ with ease.

PS: Sorry for delayed response, I am not much active in this forum; hoping to be. ;)

If you are preparing for the exam, then, a native speaker alone cannot help you.
Do a  course or find a tutor. You will need someone with exam preparation experience .
Good luck. That is a difficult exam

True, I understand. A native alone cannot help me, a lot of hardwork is required.

However, if i sit in a english speaking social circle, that would always help me.

I did had a 7.5 over-all section, but my writting didnt supported me :(

BTW, lets  see


From what you have written above, you have problems with vocabulary, grammar and your tone is inconsistent.

Find a tutor and get help with those.

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