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Hi Nellie,
As advised, i created a new topic with my inquiry for others to benefit of my experience.
I just relocated to Copenhagen 3.5 months ago & signed an unlimited lease agreement with a person here starting 1st of September. However, the landlord sent me a 3 months notice on the 30th of November (that he will be back home after a short Journey in Stockholm & that he is giving me notice to leave on the 1st of March). this is despite the fact that the lease is not owner occupied.
Relocating after only 6 month will be very inconvenient to me and my family especially that the date mentioned will be in the middle of their exams.

As this will be a negotiation game, I wanted to confirm what are my rights exactly as per the rent act in order to be able to set a final agreement with him that benefits both of us (as I feel I’m the only one harmed here) & also that I started doubting that he might be after the deposit as well as he is refusing to talk over the phone to discuss the details of what he is proposing or to hear my point of view as i don't agree with the 3 months notice..

here is Your first reply to my inquiry:

Nellie: My advice to you is to write to the Tenants free advisors:

It is law students who offer this service. Normally, they'll answer within 48 hours, but December and January are time for exams so that the response time can be longer. But do try.

There are other ways to go, but they are not free (though not expensive), but let's start here.

I think you have a good case.


Also your second reply was as follows:

Nellie: There are also two tenants' organizations which deal with problems on behalf of the tenants. You have to pay a minor amount for their service.

Do share your experience with the forum.


Will keep you posted as well as others with the case update after sending to both of the above entities seeking for their support.

Thanks, Mike Lars

We keep fingers crossed for a quick and satisfying answer in your favour.


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