Is "East Amager" of Copenhagen a family-friendly region?

I will work in Copenhagen from September. My wife and our newborn will move with me, and we are looking for a family-friendly region to settle down as a home.

I am asking whether  "East Amager" is a family-friendly region to live for expats?

In fact, I was told that Osterbro is the most family-friendly region to live in Copenhagen. However, my work place will be in Orestad (a subdistrict of Amager).   I was also told that Orestad looks like a ghost city especially at night, so I plan to avoid it. My final option therefore falls to  "East Amager" region. Is that a family-friendly place to live? By "family-friendly", I mean a place with good childcare facilities, good hospitals,  nice people, no crime, etc.


Some times it's not a question of finding the best place to live, but at all, finding a place unless you have unlimited means to spent on the rent.

Østerbro is a popular place to live in why it is very difficult to find a flat for rent there. Most properties will be rented out to people with connections to the landlord or the administrator.

In general, you shall not expect to find a good cheap flat in Copenhagen, the only ones available will be the newly built townhouses which are all pretty expensive. … benhavn-oe

You find the new housing stocks in Nordhavn, Sydhavnen, Ørestaden, Islands Brygge. Islands Brygge is very popular as it has charm what the other areas lack.

From old times Amager wasn't an attractive place to settle down which mirrors the demographics, but after the metro opened in 2002, this has changed because a lot of new townhouses have been built.

Probably, Ørestaden is a little bit boring, but the flats are new, and there will be easy access to downtown Copenhagen by the metro and to the air port. Further, Amager strandpark is a good place to spent a good summer day. I would personally prefer that to an old ground floor flat in Østerbro: … paa-107-m2

If you have heard about Østerbro and Ørestaden, you may have heard of Nørrebro and the problems there. (migrant gangs fighting each others with many shootings). Holmbladsgade and its neighbourhood isn't the best place to settle down either, but I shall not say how the rest of østamager is.

There is still a hospital on Amager, but in these years most small hospitals have been closed down or turned into elective hospitals. It's not possible to say anything in general about the kindergartens as it will depend on the staff and other children whether your child will feel comfortable. If we ignore the areas where the gangs rampage, you can feel safe everywhere.


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