Looking for accommodation for my Family

Hello I am looking for house in Copenhagen with 3 CPR registration. I have family (me, wife and little daughter).

There is a HOUSING section on this site, destined exactly for your search.  Please look there.

Romaniac Experts Team

Hi Sairam

CPR-registration should be no problem. You cannot register as a resident in a hotel, a youth hostel or camping site, but as long as you settle down in a room, a flat, a house. you can be registered.

If the landlord says a room is with registration, it's because he is bending the rules to avoid taxation of the rent. I cannot think the problem is that big as we all have to be registered somewhere.

The housing market may be a little risky because of fraudsters who try to cheat hopeful renters, especially at this time of the year when many students shall find a housing. Some of the fraudsters are pretty advanced as they rent a flat through Airbnb and pretend to be the landlord. So getting the key in hand may not be enough to be sure. A room or a flat is always rented out at once so if the ad is more than a week old, there is probably something wrong, or the landlord have forgotten to remove the ad. The very best is to look up in the Danish house register to find out who owns the place.

Most rooms are to be found on


Hi Romaniac,
I tried in the Housing section, but didn't find the appropriate ones. Please let me know how to search for the Desired House?

Hi Nellie,
Thanks for the valuable information. I believe, for Family all the CPRs should be registered with the addresses where we are living. Since Kommune will take care for the children welfare in Denmark and regular check-ups will be conducted if the children are below 5 years. I have to rent out a house on my own and its very challenge for me to find a house in Denmark for short term.

Sairam B.

If your employer will help you finding a housing, it would be a real help for you.

I have mentioned, but there are also other sites to look for housings. See below (including sites about search advice): … copenhagen … copenhagen … cwodrtwI5g … cgodoDkOog … e-flat.htm … sing-scams

Copenhagen is a broad concept and not enough to give you qualified advice.

It would be relevant to know what you mean with a short term? From when to when? Shall it be a furnished flat? How big/rooms? How much will you be able to pay a month, how much time are you willing to spend on commuting from home to job? Where are you going to work? Other claims or wishes?

You are very welcome to send me a pb with this information, and I shall try to help you better.


Hi Nellie,
Thanks for the quick response. Please find my details below.

From when to when? Aug'17 to Nov'17
Shall it be a furnished flat? Yes
How big/rooms? I BHK for myself, my wife and 1yr baby
How much will you be able to pay a month? 8K to 10K
how much time are you willing to spend on commuting from home to job? 1/2 hr
Where are you going to work? Malmparken, Ballerup
Other claims or wishes?  Please let me know about the Q-Apartments. I heard it is good in Denmark in providing service apartments for short term. If you know any other contacts, please advise.

Sairam B.

I can only recommend you to contact the employer and ask for his help. It's urgently needed.

I have searched, but found nothing.

The closest I came was this ad, but it only rented out to the 1st of November, and the owner says no children and no animals. … 035301211/

Only people who stay more than three months shall/can register in the population register. Instead, your employer shall ask for an administrative CPR-number.


Tried again.

If your employer will contact the landlords, it will ease your case. … 035308205/
Not the wanted period, but maybe it's possible to have it changed as the owner has moved to Sweden and now tries to rent the flat out until it is sold.


Hi Sairam,

Q-Apartments are extremely expensive. As Nellie suggests, your employer should take care of your short term stay. It is definitely a huge challenge finding the right place to live. Did you also check Airbnb? There are few Facebook pages "Housing in Copenhagen". you many want to take a look?

Best Regards

Hi Sairam

Hope you could answer my question...

You said you are moving with your family. Just wondering, did you apply for work permit along with your wife ? Or you did your permit separately,now looking to get a house , register CPR & then apply for them ?

I got a job in Denmark - just trying to figure out formalities for family reunification.


Hi sairam.

I will be moving to Denmark same place. Appreciate your guidance to get Studio for single living.



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