Info to Study for Masters in Engg in Hungary for Pakistani Student

How are you, first of all i will introduce my self, My name is Arif and i am from Karachi and i want to send my son for Masters degree in University of Debrecen , and want to more information about your experience in Hungary.
Also if you know any agent or consultant in Karachi who can help me in this need his contact info

i will be very grateful if could share your difficulties,ups and downs in detail as i am quiet confused and  dont have any knowledge about their.

I am sharing my contact number with you and if possible just add me so we can chat or voice chat on IMO or on whattsapp.


Arif Ahmed.

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       hi , yes can understand your concern about education , I think its better , try to get primary information from online and check web site for universities online hopefully you will have enough information with contact detail from universities web sites

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