Diploma student/ dependant visa for daughter/

Hi, Im already enrolled in diploma programme in taylors university got my VAL and leaving to malaysia in december. I have a two year old I am fully aware that malaysia immigration only grants dependant visas to masters and above students. so since im studying diploma my daughter cannot be eligible for dependant visa.

I am taking my two year old with me because she is too little to stay away from me. but i have no clue on what to do with her visa problem. she gets 90days on arrival visa but after that she is gonna have to go out of the country and come back  and again for the entire time im studying in malaysia.

Do i really have no option other than going for visa runs with her? Cant i make an appeal to the immigration? Do i have any other options?

Please help.

You could appeal to immigration for a special consideration, but they will make you go through all sorts of things such as proving you have financial support outside Malaysia for your daugher and you will need her father's permission as well.

Otherwise, no other options. You will probably be stopped at immigration and asked why you are travelling in and out with your child.

You need to be out of the country for 7 days on the visa run, or you will not be let back in. It's expensive way to try and operate and with a child it simply won't work.

You know it is a terrible idea to try and settle in Malaysia the way you think of doing it. There is no work to be had after a diploma - none that would give a dependent pass. You will have to leave again. You will probably be blacklisted before that because of your child trying to circumvent immigration.

In short - don't waste your time or money and put your child at risk.

I am not planning on settling in Malaysia. I joined taylors back in 2012 and withdrew in 2013. Im going back now to finish what is remaining i have about two semesters (roughly about 8 months) to be done.
I plan on doing my degree and above somewhere else.

Thank you for your information

If you are picking up an earlier study then immigration might consider a DP, but as mentioned they will require proof of income and parental permission. Taylor's may be helpful in obtaining this if they are aware you need to bring your daughter.

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