Looking for a 2bhk in Taman Rasuna or flats closer to Tempo Scan Tower

Hi Guys,

I am very excited in moving to Jakarta in January 2018.  I am looking to move into Apartments closer to my work place in Rasuna said and schools preferably where there is an indian community, Can any one suggest for leads? Heard about Taman Rasuna though.


Hello there
i am rendi i am working as Marketing too
i have friend that she and he want to rent their apartment near Rasuna said,

Thanks for replying Rendi. Can I have their number or look at the apartment photos and description?

That area is in the embassy district so, as you'd expect, it's very expensive.

As a note, please exchange contact details by PM as they aren't allowed on the open forums.
Thank you.

just send me your whatsapp number and i'll send the picture

I would strongly suggest taking great care when giving out contact details to anyone, especially if you're new to Indonesia and don't know the rip offs and scams.
You'd be amazed how many people 'just happen to know someone' when it comes to the smell of money, and they always add a little bit for themselves - "A little bit" being defined as as much as they think they can rip you off for.
You might also find the man who happens to know someone actually happens to know an estate agent so two people rip you off at once.

I'll offer another gem by PM so the rip off dudes can't see it.

ALWAYS check out prices in on such as OLX before you commit or you could find yourself wasting a lot of cash to a scammer.

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Hi! Im also looking for a roommate in taman rasuna. Can you send me your whatsapp number?

Hi Ratna,

Have you found your house mate? (or roommate?)
I also am looking a housemate / flatshare to rent the apartment in central of Jakarta fo this February 2018.

Pls reply,



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