Lost my Iqama while travelling outside

Dear All
I am a canadian working in saudi . I am currently visiting Canada and upon arrival i lost my wallet at the airport with my Iqama . I need to know steps i should take to report this and is it difficult to re enter saudi without iqama ? Is it easy to make new iqama or not ??

Looking forward for your help


No Need of Iqama for re-entering. After you re-entering contact  your HR department make a new one, with a fine of 1000 SR. you have to make a police complain and put an advert in news paper your HR team will do it for you after you come back.

First of all thank you for replying, but i am sure police report and advertisement in paper is lenghty process ? is it easy to do it ? shall i bring the police report from canada ?

Inform your HR Team ASAP they can advice you whether is it required to bring report from Canada. its a time consuming process but it will be done easily you just stay connected with the concerned authorities of your organizaiton.

is it advisable to bring a report from Canada or will it complicate the matter . thanks for your help let me discuss this with my HR
thanks and ill keep you posted

Dear , Your case will be more complicated If you said lost in Canada. As per Jawazat You must leave the country while on vacation / Exit-reentry visa and traveling with original Iqama is prohibited why because for International travelling passport is a valid document but not Iqama.

You must say lost here only and proceed for above said advises.

well noted sir Jazak Allah Al Khair

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