Exit Visa for Baby born in Saudi Arabia

Assalamu alaykum.

I have a question regarding the exit visa for my newborn child born here in Saudi Arabia. I am working in Al ahsa as a nurse and my husband is just visit visa here. Some personnel in jawazat here told me that there's no need to get iqama for my baby because he will just exit. But some personnel told me that it is needed to get iqama so that the baby can be given final exit visa. Because according to them baby cannot be attach to the iqama of the mother only to father. But my husband has no iqama he is just on visit visa. One of my colleagues here didn't get final exit when they arrived in immigration because immigration said the baby must have final exit visa but the jawazat told them no need. Their ticket was waisted the same situation with me. What will i do? My husband and my baby will go home to philippines this march 30 via riyadh airport. Help me pls how to solve this problem of mine.
Allah kareem

walaikum salam,

You have to have the birth certificate issued, passport made and without an iqama this might be possible with only the passport and information added on the mothers passport. Kids can be attached to the mothers passport depending on the nationality. Some nationalities I have seen its possible while others are not.

Their answers were very contradicting from each other. One personnel in jawazat told me that the child must be one year old in order for him to issued an iqama. If less than one year old jawazat will not issue iqama for the baby.

The baby has passport and birth certificate already got from ahwal madani. But still they are insisting that there's no need for iqama and exit visa alatul they can exit   That's what worries me if they cannot exit

Hi sister can you tell me exactly what happened with your baby  how old he is and you took final exit paper from jawazat

any update? ms.kaye? im here also in makkah im haviong the same issue..

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Any update regarding your case as i have same case. What did you do to solve the issue?

I hope you'll reply.

Thank you.

what did you do? i have same case as you.

Did u get any update. .me too having same issue

Hi Please rply for this ,i am also facing this issue..kindly help us

Hi Everyone I got a clarification on this.I was facing same issue since 1month ,According to new rule If husband is not working in saudhi you don’t get IQAMA for your child reason being if the mother is MOH staff they don’t get tax You have to go with exit visa with ur baby during immigration you may have to pay 1200SAR for exit visa...Thank you
I hope everyone understood this

Hi no need for paper from jawazat for final exit or need

Husband and wife both came on visit visa saudi arabia .last month blessed with a baby girl .got birth certificate from alhawal madani and passport from indian i want to travel to india with baby girl and my wife.can i travel directly or any procedure left ..plz answer me

Is it applicable  under fathers  iqama also..can u please give me procedure in detail  .. am under my father  iqama my due date is near now I can't travel. .u guidance will be very helpful to me  ..whr shud we pay the amount  for exit visa .. whom to contact

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