Money transfer from Ethiopia


I heard it's impossible to transfer money from Ethiopia to India (online). Is it true? How do people living in Ethiopia transfer money to other countries (except direct bank transfer). Just like we use paypal, is there any other way?

Can I use paypal in Ethiopia to send money to India?


"How do Ethiopians transfer money to the outside world online?" They don't!

The local financial network is not tied to the outside world as readily; the outbound transfer, for the obvious reasons, is very limited and controlled.

Local businesses here, as you pointed out, can transfer money to outside entities or creditors through local banks. 

Certain businesses allow you to pay your bills (Sheraton or Hilton, for example) using major credit cards.

You can also withdraw cash using your Master cards/Visa based ATM cards from most machines.

This is my understanding.

Thanks. This is helpful.

I'd check in to Western Union - they are worldwide and seem pretty easy to use.

Not in Ethiopia....
Money in yes.
Out...very problamatic.

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