What do I need to get married to Ethiopian girl in Ethiopia?

HI everyone!
I am a citizen of Germany even though I have not resided there in 30 years.
I need to know the real deal on marriage to an Ethiopian citizen:
What do I need paperwork wise:
A passport, but what else?

Hi am Addisalem .I am leaving in Ethiopia.
If you need further discussion please write via my email address xxx

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Hi everyone,

@ Addisalem, it would be very much appreciated if you could provide some info on the forum itself so as other members may also benefit from your inputs.

All the best,

Thank you. And yes, while I do need the information soon, I also want to make sure that whoever has the answers will benefit future readers on this forum with it.

Hi Firetown, So you want to get married to an Ethiopian lady ? You only need your passport.
What else do you need ? Patience of a Saint ! Plenty of money !! Talk to local men, they will advise you !!! My advise, is civil partnership, or else you will be trekking down a long and dark road to oblivion my friend 😂😎

Be very careful that you are not making the biggest mistake of your life.  I got married in Addis Ababa in Jun11, mainly due to the fact that my Ethiopian girl claimed I was the father of her child when we met in Yemen.  After the birth, she put my name on the birth certificate while I was deployed to the USA and we were NOT married at the time.  I then got them both to the UK.  After arrival in the UK, she claimed domestic abuse and got a conviction against me despite it all being a complete lie.  The race card was played and she got her Right to Remain. Next she stopped me seeing the child and told me I was not the father and would never see the child again.  I then forced a DNA test which returned NEGATIVE.  It also appears that she used a false name and passport to travel to Yemen.  Also the documents she used at the marriage were also altered.  I am now in the process of divorcing or annulling in the UK, got a mountain of debt and a conviction against me for nothing.

If you decide you wish to go through with the marriage, you need the following:

1. Your passport.
2. Your birth certificate.
3. A sworn certificate from your Embassy that you are free to marry.
4. If you have been married before, the Decree Absolute.

Those are the only things you need.

There must also be 3 witnesses present who should be known to both parties but that is rarely fulfilled.  It can be anyone.

Been there and done it.

That is a very sad story and unbeleivably wicked on her part. I feel so sorry for you at this dreadful deception. What a nightmare.
I am curious how you got her to the UK ? The process ia long and complex usually.
Also, you met her in Yemen. What was she doing in Yemen ?
Hope things improve for you.

What the girl did is really sad and cruel. But let's stay positieve. I do belive that there are rotten Apple amidist of the crowd. Please keep your faith and do not Carry THE grudgr to your future relationships. Put a fullstop there and go forward with your life as life is short.
Good luck

That's  a funny one.

Come on,  It was just a bad luck for you.  It doesn't  really mean  all of the womens are like that.  Thats Hasty generalization!!

I am sorry about your experience, due..


1st Step: If American or other country, set and appointment (online) prior to arriving in Ethiopia at your country Embassy.

2nd Step: Request for a Affidavit of Single Status, from your country embassy (ensure you have all your wife data ie. date of birth either Ethiopian Calendar year or regular year, her full name, location as to where she stays in Ethiopia/district.  Also if you were married before recommend you bring your divorce paperwork because you will need it later if your embassy does not ask for it).

3rd Step: You embassy will notarized your affidavit with your their embassy seal.

4th Step: You will take your Affidavit of Single Status, with your passport, her birth certificate, and her Affidavit of Single Status from her ministry, then you will proceed to the Ethiopian Ministry of Affairs which is on Kazache street on the back side of Bole street.

5th Step: Take all of your paperwork with you and your will need 345 Bir's (about $15 American dollars) for them to process your paperwork, which will take a few minutes, then the will stamp your paperwork.  Now you are finished at the ministry.

6th Step: You will head to your fiancée's home district/ ie city hall where she lives to complete your marriage paperwork.

7th Step, Note: This step is the hardest, because you will need somebody to translate their form in you native language for you if your fiancée cant do it (in which you shouldn't have any problem), but the form is very simple, also with this, you will need to bring four witness with you! two (2) for her and two (2) witness for you.

8th Step: Then they will have you both sign a ledger (in a private room with your witnesses) with some other paperwork, and that's it, they will bring you both marriage certificates, also I forgot to tell you that you both will need 3-4 ea passport photo's for the marriage certifcates before you arrive, you can get that at any photo shop.  An that completes all your step's and you are finished.   

Donot bring a Affidavit of Single Status that you can print offline from your country notarized, they didn't except mine at the ministry, because they wanted the embassy stamp from my native country embassy (US) that is in Ethiopia.

Also, if you are thinking about registering at your country embassy to get married, forget it!  You are are limited for time in Ethiopia, the embassy want you to set another appointment, which could be days, then you come back, my recommendation is to go and do the traditional way, it's faster, and you can get your Ethiopian marriage certificate translated in your native country while you are their from Amharic for me I had it translated to English, but that's the simple way if you are pressing for time.

If you start in the morning, you can be finished and married by noon, that day!

That's it....I know, I just recently got married finally:)

to got married here in Ethiopian be your self /let me i told you the trues ? when you come from the high class counter, you start up think about Ethiopian they are not educated person and they need money so if i fulfill it i can got there weakness and i can cheat them simple you think like that,but that not the way , they now your kindness before that you think like your thinking about ,you and your mission what you need to them , so as i a dives you before start married Ethiopian girl you must have putdown your civilization by any means. because that is for you,not for Ethiopian,they have great  civilization for them  also you have not real simple they drop you ,what is there mistake? 

Ethiopian lezelalem tnur enkorabatalen ,kedemt yesltani minchi 
enante dedeboch dhnetachin barnet ymeslachihol ,gn dha yehonew ewntegnochi slehon new

thank you very much BlackKnight187 for taking the time to write this - finally some specific, detailed and recent information!

I have one question: do you know how recent the affadavit of single status has to be? and are you sure all embassies will issue them? I thought they had to be brought from the home country?

I got one (in the UK) two years ago, but we could not find such useful information as yours on the process and just gave up...

Other guys who went to Ethiopia, had know problem with bringing and Affidavit their from there country, I brought one from the Kuwait that I am currently working in from my Home country  (US Embassy), other individuals had know problems, but when I got to the window at the ministry, honestly maybe that guy was just being a a*** that day, the US Embassy and fiancée hometown district said that the affidavit was good, but really on the safe side, I would schedule and appointment (at your country embassy prior around the day your arrive just incase for a back up) with a blank affidavit (without a stamp) in hand, so that you want have any issues.  Better safe then sorry?

Now as far as how long is the affidavit is good for, that I cant tell you, but recommend that you take a current one, I got one a month out completed before I departed to Ethiopia.

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