US dollars needed

Hello all,

I have to make a payment to an Ethiopian university and they want me to pay them in US dollars. I have no idea how to get US dollars here in Addis Ababa. Any ideas? I tried the bank at the Sheraton and the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. No luck.

Hi, i may can give you EURO, how much u need?
i am actul in germany, but friend of me live in Addis

thanks but it's USD that the university wants...

anyway, how many dollar you need

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Why don't you make a international direct bank transfer from you US Dollar account ?

I know some tour guides in Addis who may sell you USD. Around 25 birr for 1 USD.

I may help u with zat.... if u want u can contact me. Just tell me how much u need.

To anyone looking to obtain US dollars.

I would be very careful about contacting someone who posts that they have access to dollars without any accompanying information. There is a potential for you to be scammed.

If its correct and the University is inside Ethiopia you should report them to customs and revenue authority. My understanding is this is illegal. If I pay a supplier in Ethiopia, even some thing he had to import, for example a tractor I can only pay him in Birr, even if we both have a foreign currency account and have both a import permit!


I can only support Stumpy, to do such posting or even take such postings, no way, we are moving in some thing which is called a black market!

Admin should take care of this!


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