Just arrived in KL from UK looking for work

Hi there

Ive flown to KL from UK to look for work in my field, as I havent had a break through from being in the UK.

Ive read on other threads that in Malaysia it seems to be who you know more so than your quals and experience, so I'm here to build up my contacts and network around and be available physically to meet up.

I'm a Chartered Civil engineer with a Masters degree and 10 yrs experience in various sectors including rail transportation.

I want to gather some ideas on how I can network around and maybe gets some leads through here also. Does it have to be with people in the same field? I do have a couple of meetings set up from phone conversations I've had when I was in the UK, one company director from my last company and a recruitment agent. I've looked at Internations as well.

I'm also open to working in other countries in the region like Indonesia, singapore etc

MRT projects - http://siva-my.jobstreet.com/_careersit … /mymrt.htm

Robert Walters - https://www.robertwalters.com.my/

If you get a job offer you will need to leave the country while the work permit process is being carried out. (New rule since August 2016)

The golden rule in Malaysia is that you have exactly the experience required in a previous job. So it is important to highlight the match in applications.

Very often internal transfers are the way in which senior staff move in and out of Malaysia. Networking really needs to be with local Malaysians not other expats.

Thank you for your response. I did check Robert Walters but nothing related to field on there. I might have to call them.

I tried the internal transfer from the UK but they didn't want to let me go.

Leaving the country to apply for the work permit works well with me as I'd head back to the UK to meet family and friends.

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Try spring professional recruitment they have an engineering professional recruitment division. Good luck!

Try looking for local engineering trade groups, like on facebook or elsewhere. Join them, go to meetings. Its doubtful that networking with expats will lead to anything but friendships with locals can work wonders. Problem is, the thing is, networking by nature is slow and consuming, it takes time and effort to develop meaningful contacts. If a person shows up and immediately asks for a job, that might be the fastest way to contaminate the very thing one hopes for. For this reason I put very little stock in networking in general, but i highly value ongoing relationships that one accepts may or may not ever lead to anything. In other words, you attract what you want by being open, by not forcing, by being always ready, by continuing other efforts.  But how to do this? By being in the country, making friends, continuing life as usual while you sniff for leads.

Another idea which i must have said 1000 times is to open your own company and advertise for local engineers who have contacts for projects. Suddenly you are employed, even though its bold and initially expensive. Within that framework you can employ people as independent contractors who receive no salary, or partners, or people who agree to work on commissions instead of salaries, or people who agree to work as a group team when there is a project, not officially partners,  and share the results.

Another idea along the same lines is to get into related trade groups where there would likely be others in your same shoes and sit right down and ask how you can all work together to create work.

I think there is no best solution other than the general premise that innovation and creativity and boldness drives results. Think! Its going to be very difficult or impossible to move across the planet and just in to the seat of a dream job (unless you were transferred) so sometimes jobs have to be created if they cant be had by normal means. Last thing an expat wants is to be parked in a foreign place sending resumes until the capital runs out and unfortunately thats the fate of many expats because they cant think outside their own prison boxes. Im not saying anything here describes you, its general idea-making so dont be offended.

Thanks for your responses especially the last one, an interesting post.

I totally agree with you on the rushing into telling someone new that I'm looking for a job do you know anyone. However I do have a skill in steering my conversations and saying things in a way in which they will consider helping me. Its worked a few times already, and it's mostly being transparent and genuine with a bit a humour.

Most people are very intrigued and bewildered when I tell them I've left my senior position in the UK from a top company  in one of the most prestigious projects and with a good salary, and caught a one way flight here. Its a good story and it can sometimes encourage people to help that little bit more.

Cultural awareness is a very important part of getting on in Malaysia. It cannot be underestimated. Do remember that Face is very important and you may receive it but it is purely superficial and a form of politeness rather than a sign of success.

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Hi , i suggest u register with head hunting co. Who handles expertise like u. Pls also register to linked.in and direct browse website such as MRT LRT consortium to find opportunities in malaysia. Good luck!!!

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