Can Indian dentist work in KL?

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I am working in Malaysia from last 1 year . We both are Indians.I have permanent job here .I will be bringing my wife here next month .She is dentist by profession .She holds the bachelor degree in dental surgery.Her university is not recognized my MDC .What's the any other procedure she can work here or is there any exam here ?Any help would be highly appreciated .

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If she cannot obtain an APC (annual practicing certificate) from the Malaysian Medical Council  ( she will be unable to practice as a dental surgeon. Foreign dentists, that is, qualified dentists from other countries, are not allowed to hold an annual practicing certificate unless they are studying or lecturing at a higher-learning institute.

There is an appeal process through the Malaysian Dental Council:
Check this out under "Registration" - "Unregistrable_Qualification"

if any indian college is recognised by malaysian dental counsil (like manipal) then do i need to give the test for pratising dentistry in malaysia?

Yes, you always need a valid licence - the same as in any other country. Even a teaching position requires a valid licence. That's because its considered the same as providing medical advice/treatment to the public. You can find requirements on job adverts.

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Mohit your wife is practicing now? same issue with me my wife is Masters in Dentisrty  try to find Job for her as usual her university is not accredited with MDC

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Doctors are imported all the time, not dentists too?

I dont know about this topic except that in the past when there were shortages of various practitioners, the government would open the doors for imports. Last I heard they were strongly advising local students to take up these professions so that imports could be avoided in the future. I believe, for MDs anyway, there is a kind of ON-OFF switch. They import for three months, shut it down, then a year later its opened again. Is there actually a current, firm policy about foreign practitioners? Are dentists, and others, separated from MDs in this regard?

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              I am too struggling to find an opportunity to work in KL. I guess only lecturer jobs are open for dentists with 'unregistrable degree' as per MDC.  Pls. help me out if any of you guys have gone through this kind of problem. Thanks.

Hi you can't work as a dentist. Simple! Reason is to protect Malaysians who invest in being dentists from cheap foreign competition.

So either go home or (Canada etc where they want immigrants) or enjoy being a lecturer!

Life is easy these days and people are less used to disappointment than previous generations, but tough that is the way it is.

Hi there! I am in the same position and I am looking into it as we are moving to KL this year. Any info would be greatly appreciated

iam now lecturing at one of the dental faculties and have TPC, can I work in private clinic with same tpc

I am looking to work in Malaysia. What are the criteria to work as a lecturer in Malaysia? thanks in advance.

hi..i am dentist from college is registered under malaysia dental council. WHAT  are the steps i need to follow to work as a lecturer or to obtain practising certificate

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

drmom :

iam now lecturing at one of the dental faculties and have TPC, can I work in private clinic with same tpc

hello drmom,
Can I know if your college is registered under MDC. How did u get through your TPC. Also can i know your work experience. As i am also looking to apply for TPC. Looking forward for ur reply. Thanks.

I am teaching in Dental college for 20+ years. Whats the qualification to teach in Kuala Lumpur?
What are the steps involved. I am pretty fluent in English.

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