Employment Pass Cancellation and Making a new EP

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I was recently finished my contract with one employer in KL,Malaysia and they didn't cancel my EP and i took an exit from Malaysia on DEC2017, After finished my project i got tax clearance and F& F from the organization.
And there is one more opportunity now on my way.Where i can check my previous EP cancelled or not i enquired my previous employer they are stating that they are going to cancel my EP. But i don't know when.
Is it possible to cancel the EP from Employer side with out submission of Hard copy of my passport ??
If i can check in online and if the EP is still valid can i travel to KL,Malaysia cause i have the EP valid still Sep2018 from my previous employer.
If i count the days it will be more that 70 days since my last exit. Is there any problem if i go now after 70 days ? Is there any problem in immigration?
If EP was cancel from my previous employer well and good but i dont even know the status can anyone tell where can i check i was googled but i can't find anything useful.

Please any one help on this i'm planning to travel on Mar2018.


They can cancel their ESD database entry to represent the shortening of your contract and allow the new employer to start the recruitment process.

They can't cancel the sticker in the passport (but immigration will insist on that being done at a later date because you can only have one valid Pass at a time).

You would have to wait until you get Stage I approval from your new employer and a VDR to enter Malaysia again.

The rules require you to be outside and get a VDR now

Hey Thanks for quick revert,

Just imagine that they didn't cancel it can i travel to malaysia on that EP? Once i come there i will ask my present employer to check the status and apply for new one ? Is that possible where can i check ESD database ? In online is there any way i can check that ?


No, the new employer can only apply for the EP with you being outside Malaysia and getting the VDR (Visa with Reference).

The ESD database referred to is the one the employers use which is not available to staff.

You can't use the EP in your passport because you don't work for that company anymore.

You need to act correctly so that the new employer can submit their request so everything runs smoothly.

If you did enter (fraudulently) on the EP currently in your passport, you still would have to leave again while the new employer made their appliction. So waste of money and time.

Immigration will want you to submit your exit stamp to commence the new EP request. They get a copy of your complete passport so can see what you have been doing. So act correctly.

OK Thank you ...its just assumption if they are not going cancel in that case what can i do ? is there anyway i can proceed legally showing my tax clearance and reveling letter from employer ?

Don't invent problems.

I don't even think you will need a NOC (No Objection Certificate) to enable the new employer to submit their EP request. Because your contract has ended and you have proof of this

All that is amiss is the uncancelled EP and that can be dealt with according to immigration instructions when the new EP request starts.

Your tax clearance papers will be needed for the new application.

What is F & F ?

Perfect then Thank you ..I will post the status once it is done that it I will be helpful for some other .

Cheers and you are package for all solution keep it up dear ...

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