Evaluating an offer, need your help !!

Dear All the expats in Kuwait,

Hope you are having a ball of a time. I am Indian and planning to consider and take up an offer in Kuwait. The position is at the Director level but I am not sure about the salary neither do I know about any perks on top of the salary, if the salary cannot be negotiated. Any help in this would be really appreciated :

Background : in IT - Total Experience : 17+ years - Position : Director level.

Offer : stands at $8000/Month.

This is offered without negotiation - I am still in a position to negotiate so a quick repose will be appreciated. I would appreciate responses from people living in Kuwait preferably same experience / field. Anyone can respond but please be realistic & don't speculate.

I would appreciate response on 1. Salary negotiations & 2. Additional benefits perks - Transportation / health insurance / kids education etc etc. / accommodation (all re-imbursements).

Thank you so much. So eager to hear from you all.

perks depend on the company, director levels in other companies get such things as transport allowance, rent allowance, education allowance, mobile phone allowance etc. could be at your company they will simply break up your current offer to "seemingly" include the other perks.

just amke sure that insurance is included, private, not the public one, and the salary should suffice you + family.

go to numbeo.com to get an idea of costs in kuwait.

Thanks @legacy. Will research on numbeo.com.

Since you have provided so much info and I have still not negotiated anything yet. Can you please take sometime and explain private / public insurance and why you insist on private insurance ?

What is the insurance about (health ?) ? and what are the typical cost for a private insurance ?


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