Recently married in tunisia

I recently married my partner in tunisia and now he is preparing papers to come to uk.
Not sure exactly what hes doing as he seems to be spending a lot of time running around goverment buildings saying paper work etc.
When i was there we went to town hall and did what was needed there but now he seems to have a lot to do in tunis and im unaware of what it is he is doing as he cant explain. Lol
Any one able to enlighten me?

Are you the sponsor of his visa? I'm not sure about the UK but in America the sponsor files the paperwork. Perhaps he is getting everything translated and certified by his government?
I think off you are planning to bring him to your country you may want to talk to an immigration lawer or find a group online who can walk you through the steps. It is a complicated ordeal. Unless he is rich or has a job offer there and his visa is somehow not related to your marriage than I'm pretty sure you'll need to be involved in the process

Im not sponsoring him it will be a marriage visa
Yes i know i play a part but right now he seems to be running around doing what i dont know.

Sorry sent that without finishing
Thankyou for answering.

Just be carefully and don't let your feelings cues you problem

What does that mean ?

I had a terrible experience with a Tunisian women and lost lots of money. This does not mean that all of them are cheaters. Just be careful, that what I meant. … unisia.htm

Aha ok yes ive read and heard lots of storys and ive been cautious but hes an amazing guy with a lovely family.

I have a Tunisian guy , I will be hopefully going over to live for good next year .
I get sick of every one telling me , he only want the good life the money . I love him he loves me ,like you his family or lovely .
He has a very big family lots of brothers and two sisters . His name is issham
I wish you all the best love

Thanku denise yes too many negative stories.
I love my husband very much and he loves me and his family are not typical old fashioned they have a lot of mixed succesful marriages. My husband is a twin so my closest sister in law is amazing.
I hope u enjoy your life in tunisia its a great place xx

Now reality hits
Welcome to the waiting game
I will see at least two years for him to have a glimpse of Britain

Reallu why so long

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