Work visa

I want work visa in mascat.please sponcer

Hi Ramesh.j,

I can guarantee you that expatriates DO NOT get employment visas in the Sultanate of Oman just by writing ... "I want work visa in mascat.please sponcer".

It requires far more effort than writing 1 line having 8 words, with 2 spelling mistakes, and 2 punctuation mistakes.

Please post your resume under the Jobs section, which can be seen on the top of this page.

Do not make the same mistake of writing one-liners there too. Expand and explain in detail all your capabilities, qualifications, experiences, skill-sets, and whatever other USPs that you might possess.

Since you seem to be completely clueless as to how to get a job and what the ground realities of getting a job for expatriates are currently in the Sultanate, I would kindly urge you to read through the numerous other posts in the forum on the same / similar subject.

It is really important that you understand the challenges of what getting a job in Oman entails. It is not as casual as what you seem to think.

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