Saudi Expat travelling to QATAR

Hello Everyone!

I am a Filipino and i want to go to Qatar next month. I’ve been there late last year and got my Visa upon arrival in the airport but after the crisis between Qatar and Saudi/other GCC countries I wonder how it works now.

Is there anybody here have travelled to qatar from Saudi Arabia?
Please help,  thanks 😘

Hi dear, there isn't a direct flights to Doha but you could enter throw Kuwait or Oman, I hope this will help you info.

Thanks a bunch dear Mariam.
Yes some say take Kuwait or Muscat then to Doha. But do you think it’s still possible to get the visa upon arrival just like before?
Thanks dear, really appreciate it😘

Because you know what i went to travel agency here in Riyahd to ask but no one gave me an answer. They said they have no idea or maybe “i think” they are not allowed to give an information. I really don’t know.

Anyways... I’ll let you know if i get any info.

Well I may suggest you could call or visit The Qatari Embassy and ask about the visa.

Your entry is based on your passport so traveling via Kuwait or Muscat will not alter the entry status. Just check that a Philippine passport still has visa on entry status. It does sometimes change. Looking on the Internet you will need an e-visa. … e_citizens

Thanks Mr. Martin 😊

Hi cess, i would like to ask did u travel to qatar? Is there any issues i mean what did you do? And did they grant you visa on arrival?

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