Direct move to Oman from Saudi Arabia on employment visa

Dear all, can someone inform me if there is possibility for Indian national to  move direct to Oman from Saudi Arabia on employment visa.
Also family can move direct with me if have valid family visa.
Normal case I guess we have to go India from Saudi Arabia and come back to Oman.

Hi Snejyot,

The one holding the employment visa can come directly from anywhere to Oman.

But for family joining visa, a minimum amount of time would be required.

So the family cannot come along, unless, they carry passports which enable 'visa-on-arrival' facility.

Thank you Dear Sumitran,

So I can move direct from Saudi Arabia, Do you have any idea about medical check up, here is saudi i will finish GAMCA medical, then after arrival how is medical check up for Oman, ( is there any particular thing for rejection).

and my family holding indian passport with visit visa of USA, are they eligible to get on arrival visa, then I can proceed for family joining visa.

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