Anyone have experience taking a computer learning course in Hungary?

Hi all,
I was curious if anyone who is a English speaker only has taken any computer learning classes in Hungary recently?
I wonder how easy it is to find a job afterwards and how the course was, Were the instructors knowledgeable and helpful in finding jobs for graduates?
Just a idea, was thinking of bringing my adult son over to Hungary and enrolling him in a course here.
He is 41 years old and has spent all his adult life in the casino industry. 14 years at one co. and the last 10 years there at management level.He is bored and wants to try new things before it is too late as he says. ( He now lives in the US, he is also a very,very young 41)
He is on the computer much of the day but only putting in info about customers and their casino points etc. Nothing very techno. My 56 year old friend from Puerto Rico has just gotten a degree in computer IT with a online course. Took her 2 years to finish though. Wonder if these beginners classes in Hungary really give one enough skills to enter the job market in Hungary or not.
He is a Hungarian citizen if that matters.

We saw a news report last night on a private computer school who holds classes in English , helps grads find jobs and is only 4 months long. Wonder if it's any good or not, they also said they start jobs at 400,000 F a month before taxes.

Any info would be helpful, thanks in advance.

I do not know about Hungarian IT schools. But anyone new to IT should consider taking a free on-line certificate course first, to see if one really wants to enter the IT field. For example, Microsoft offers such courses for free: … ation.aspx

I am not advocating Microsoft per se. Rather just saying that is one possible free starting point to see if one wants to choose IT as a career.

Just to echo the previous post, one aspect of my work is selecting and contracting training courses for IT.

Couple of things to consider:

1) Might be worth looking at the edX series of courses which you can do part time and remotely and get a certificate - quite cheap to do.  I've actually tried one of these courses - a simple one - just to see how it was (basically an audit of the system of delivery). It wasn't in IT but they have many courses. I've kind of stopped this course as I've been too busy recently but I think I've got like 18 months to complete it.  Check out this edX link: edX

2) The YMCA runs IT courses - usually for low cost or free. From feedback last time the courses were actually quite good -  we used the YMCA to run basic IT literacy courses for selected groups of people (100+, many over the age  of 40, so don't let the Y put you off).  Best to Google for it locally in USA.

Thanks guys, will check these out.
Really wish he would of gotten into this earlier in his life.
When he was 12 my husband went out on his own and brought home a Tandy PC, very old style now but at the time it was one of the first being sold for home use, still not real internet to speak of but he wanted our son to become comfortable with a computer. A $1,700 computer for a 12 year old kid.
Was only really used for games...
can't force someone to learn I suppose, just a idea. Would love it if our son moved to Hungary closer to us but his job in the Us pays good and I doubt he could find anything like that over here.
Just trying to think of ways for him to support himself over here without needing us to lean on.
He blew or rather we blew it for him by moving away from Rio Rancho NM.
He was around 19-20 when we moved to Vegas from NM.
I helped him land a job at Intel, they have a huge plant in Rio Rancho.
One of my beauty salon co-workers was working there and the salon.
He was on a crew, later I gave it a try, not for me but for him in NM it would of been great because they train in house to be a computer tech.
He was on the contamination control dept.
Crazy job, you suit up in clean suits and either just take out clean trash from the work rooms then unsuit and re suit for another room all day long or you crawl under the floors where they make the chips in your clean suits using very tiny super quiet vacuums to clean any particles in the air or you wear a rope sort of device and swing from the walls with a vacuum.
after 6 months of that they will recruit  in house for computer jobs which paid well over $50,000 in the early 1990's. All free computer courses plus a job when done at Intel.
Oh well they say it is never to late to learn.

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