Conversion of Visit Visa to Family Visa for Father


My father is currently with me in Visit Visa. I want to convert the visa to Family joining visa.
I have done the medical test and got it approved by Ministry clinic. I have filled the conversion form. Please share with me the process, documents required and where should I go for conversion. I am based out of SUR.
I want to do the conversion only for my father.


Hi sunilpatnaik,

You should hand over all the documents to your company PRO, for doing the needed. By yourself, you cannot do anything about this, as it is not allowed. So speak to your PRO about it.

My mother expired last year. Is her death certificate also required. What other documents are required?

Hi sunilpatnaik,

Your mother's attested death certificate would be needed, to show as evidence that your father cannot support himself alone. Hence requires the family visa, to stay with his son.

Only your company PRO should advise you on what are all the other documents you would have to furnish.

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