Dependent visas

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I have a question regarding dependent visas...

Can my wife and children (under-18) who are currently in the UK:

- start the application process for dependent visas now whilst they are in the UK (which is being handled by my employer here in KL); and

- then, if it is not completed by the date of travel, enter the country on a tourist visa (British nationals) and continue their dependent visa application whilst here in KL?

My employer suggests their entry into the country will cancel the dependent application and that the dependent application cannot be made by persons already in the country.

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As they are British nationals it would be better to start the process when they arrive as they have 90 day tourist entry anyway.

The application can't be completed without their passports being endorsed. For children I think they will require a Student Visa  with some paperwork from the school. So again, they need to be enrolled and in Malaysia. This applies to 6 yrs and over, otherwise they remain on DP.

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Hi again, and thanks.

This was what I thought could happen, however, my HR function are saying that it cannot be applied for when the individuals are already in the country...


They can apply for visa here but it is called journey performed and it cost RM800.00 for each dependant visa in addition to the normal visa fees.

You can start the dependant visa application while you are still in UK at the same time your HR is applying for your EP

- The dependant visa will only be approved if your EP is approved. While processing your wife and kids can enter Malaysia . It will not cancel the dependant application. Once approved you can endorse the DP visa without having to exit the country however there is an additional of rm500 for each applicant


My employment visa has been approved. I'm here and working with it in my passport.

So, they can come and their application won't be terminated, but the costs will be greater.


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