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Hi Everyone,

I will be arriving in Cambodia in December for an extended break and wondered about the general state of the universities. What I was hoping to do is be connected into them as I am an educator. Ideally, it would be great to be introduced to a top officer such as the Vice Chancellor/President to discuss a host of opportunities. Any thoughts or suggestions are very welcomed and please private message me with anything held in confidence.

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Hello Andrew.

A lot of questions remain: where, how long, private or not, salary wanted, and so on.

But as a start here a link to all universities in Cambodia, ranked.


Hope this helps to find what you are looking for.

Good luck!

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Thanks Joe. 

Basically, I am taking a long break from everything except my teaching so my timetable is open. I currently run my own elite mentoring service where my students learn to conduct research and publish before entry into a masters/PhD program. They generally get accepted to the university of their choice and receive scholarships as well. What I do is fill the gap between what universities claim to do and what the students actually need to know to be successful.

I was wondering if anyone had any local connections to arrange an introduction. Happy to travel after I arrive to meet anyone, anywhere.

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