Issued visa and qualification is different any issue in stamping

I recently came on final exit with my family from Saudi to Bangalore, India. As I got better job in Saudi. I again applied for passport stamping in new visa which is Fixed Machine Operator. In first attempt the passport was rejected at Mumbai Saudi counslate as the visa is technical so they asked to submit the qualification certificate. I have done regular Chemical Engineering and this degree is attested by Saudi embassy and culture with MOFA stamp. Previously also I had been on Operator visa later on changed profession but at that time didn't asked for degree. Will there be any issues this time in visa stamping on second attempt based on degree and visa descriptions. In Shaa ALLAH expect everything should go well.

It depends upon consular how much thorough he checks. In theory visa classification should be exactly same but it is not always possible. You need to convince him that chemical Engr can do fixed machine operator job

In Shaa ALLAH everything should go well. Thanks! As per agent he is convinced that it will be thru this time as I have all the attestations required.

Visa got stamped, Alhamdulillah!

Mudassarshaik :

Visa got stamped, Alhamdulillah!


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